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  1. Wagner is a german mass name like schmidt, Maier, Müller, Schulz and others... Who is the guy in your avatar? I know that face but not his name.
  2. Thank you, too. Yes, it seems that he wears the MMJO ribbon. I like those old cards. Sometimes you can find very nice pieces for low money here in GER.
  3. WOW Glenn! Thank again again😃 I will take the new photos in my album with that informations about it.
  4. Für Heimatverdienste means he got the IC on non-combatant ribbon. Würde zu einem Offizier im Kriegsbekleidungsamt passen.
  5. Hello again! Here we have 2 "bavarian" pics, i recently got. Can somebody help to ID the bavarian General on pic # 1 ? He wears the IC, bavarian MMO on his neck & star. I think it`s a pic with his staff. The pic was taken in bavaria. # 2 was taken in Freising. It shows a group of veterans. The NCO in the middle wears his bar in a funny way (or it is a Frackbar) On pos. 1 bavarian MMC 3rd class with X and crown, IC and on the last position the rare bavarian bravery medal (i don`t know if it is the silver or golden grade) I had luck - the seller did not know the rarity of the pic (postcard) - Can we ID the units? Infanterists? Jäger???? On the left a guy who looks a bit like the last russian czar Nikolaus. lol.. Thanks again for help. zähringer18.tif zähringer22.tif
  6. Why not? seems that he only got the hanseatic cross and wore it alone. May be the ribbon could be new.
  7. How many of that pieces were awarded is still unknown. ~ 2000 pieces is a Schätzung of Walter Rosenwald + The archive material did not survive the last war.
  8. Hi Alex, I only have a few pics with pilots on it. Is the shown guy a Marineflieger? I can read a 13 on his shoulderboards and the rank of a Lt. or 1st Lt. Thanks. zähringer17.tif
  9. und hast Du eine Ahnung, wo ich ein gutes Buch über Uniformen Kaiserreich / Dienstgradabzeichen usw. finden kann? Do you know books of imperial uniforms and insignia i could buy`? --> I found a very good book about Uniforms in the Stuttgart Archive for 0 - (download)
  10. Wie immer sehr schöne Sachen von Dir, Alex. Like every time - very nice things Alex.
  11. Also a nice one - mir würde schon eine mit RAO3 ausreichen. I think he was a higher official - Beamter im höheren Dienst - in a higher authority like a Oberegierungsrat, Direktor, Geheimrat or something in that way. I have worked through the Siekmann 1917 and the HDR18 and Intendanturliste 1929 several times - and i had luck to find some possible recipients of some of my bars. But that`s a lot of work. I did a lot of markings for finding EK2w recipients better. One of the problems is, that lower decorations like Centenar, KDM70, Chinamedal.... are often not listed - or sometimes i could prove with Papiernachlässe, that not all informations are correct. (for example with Ministerialbürodirektor Rettig, Rechnungshof DR, or Ministerialamtmann Reimann) This time in the corners of the net there`s a interesting bar - but it is too expensive as i think. I could find the recipient because of one striking decoration he had. A Zahlmeister. And i could find more infos with old Adressbücher. One more mystery solved. Übung macht den Meister. Nur kein Moos ansetzen (Das Boot)
  12. Yau, looks nice. I always think this type of Stuttgart is looking like an old Korkenzieher - not as a mouse trap.
  13. Yes, both very nice. I am still looking for a NC bar with a "simple" RAO3 on it. I am looking since years. But i cannot find one. I only have KO3, KO4 and RAO4 ones. There´s nearly nothing of prussian decorations , which Mr. T hasn`t got.😜
  14. An Oldenburg collecter said to me, that the non magnetic pieces were made pre war 1920/30... The bar is imo a good original piece.
  15. Another pic (press photo) i got (i do collect pics with IC on it) British war fighters in Berlin are saluting the fallen heros of WW1. Could it be, that the shown guys were members of the B.U.F. ??? I did not know, that british war fighters moved to Berlin in the 1930s. zähringer6.tif
  16. A few years ago i got a large photo konvolut of a IR 124 (Wuertt.) war fighter and Sarge. Today i tried to organize some pics of the konvolut. Only one of the cards / photos was written - i think it was a scottish soldier and in 1914 to his relatives. (see pic) Now my question: Is it possible to ID the captured troops? (Regiment) I think they were captured in 1917 at Riencourt (France). In this time my Sarge was decorated with his golden bravery medal. Thank you for your help. zähringer 7.tif zähringer 8.tif zähringer 9.tif zähringer10.tif zähringer11.tif zähringer14.tif zähringer 13.tif zähringer12.tif zähringer16.tif
  17. I like the bar. Some kind of unusual combination - made in the 1930/40. May be a Blockwart in the NSDAP or another party member. The Vor dem Feinde clasp magnetic or not? The Oldenburger (= northern Germany) often shows -imo- a Navy or Luftwaffe guy.
  18. ... sorry....... my brain... i`ve seen this 1914 bar a long time ago by you. ☹️
  19. Yes - yesterday, i drove around in the corners of the net and found it. I m going to get crazy. I`ve never seen a RAO3 with crown and Schleife
  20. 😀 In my opinion the ultimative best imperial non combatant flag ship of 2018 with 13 decorations: https://www.zeige.com/auktionskatalog/Ordensspangen-und-Nachlaesse-Konvolute--4100.html I`d like to have the cash for buying it... 😥
  21. Nice pics - are there some good books about uniforms and insignia out there ?
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