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  1. The golden certification is about the Eiserne Halbmond ("Iron crescent aka. TWM") I sold the lot a few years ago. The FJO knight is a typical decoration for military docs and Geistliche. Sanitätsmajor = in German a Stabsarzt. Because of his service in Militärmission Türkei he got a rank higher.
  2. Hi Preusse, Could you please take the pics of the "Dr. Retzlaff Konvolut" into this thread. You can find it in search function with "Retzlaff" I have a few problems with the internet, today. Thanks.
  3. Hi i cannot explain it in English and "Google Translator'" is not the best source. I will write my opinion in German: Meiner Meinung nach ist das die Feldspange eines Deutschen, der in osmanischen (türkischen) Diensten stand. Ich hatte eine vergleichbare Spange mit einem Urkundenkonvolut vor ein paar Jahren. Meiner Kenntnis nach wollte das Kaiserreich geeignetes Militärpersonal für das verbündete Osmanische Reich anwerben. Man lockte mit einem orientalischen Erlebnis und einer "Beförderung". So wurde z.B. aus einem deutschen Hauptmann ein osmanischer Major. Um die
  4. Hello @ all ! Here we have an unknown german General. He´s wearing: -IC 1914 - Hohenzollern Houseorder knight with X -RAO4 -LSC 25 -CM -Anhalt Friedrichscross & Housorder Albrecht the bear knight Seems he had Anhaltinian roots. Any idea, who`s that guy? He´s wearing
  5. Do you have a Schmidt in your list, who get the St. Henry knight? His rank should be: Oberleutnant or Hauptmann. Yes, i know it is a very common name....
  6. Thanks for help. This pic was taken in Trier. It shows a Major with IC 1st class 1870 I read, that in Trier the Rheinische IR Nr. 69 was stationed. Could it be Major von Lengfeld or Major Mertens (both in RL 1873)?
  7. Great, high quality photo, and look how much enamel is on the Schnalle. Since they will not close this files (as sometimes they do) - you can find a lot of good pics in our Archive of Stuttgart. Fortunately they survived 1944.
  8. Wiehman is not a German name - i think his name was Wiedmann or Wiedemann Imo the shown person is a Beamten guy - (official in english) - i would say a paymaster or a Verwaltungsbeamter. He began his career bevor 1897 and he was reactivated in the mid 1930s. He should be born around 1870-1875.
  9. I would 95 % bet: -A Wehrmacht Beamter especially a Paymaster - Zahlmeister (Oberstabszahlmeister)
  10. I don`t know much about that crosses - but i think, it looks good. I have a list with ~ 100 awarded persons.
  11. I'd say you are spot on with the long service decoration. The medal on #2 has to be a civil merit medal in silver, as the military merit medal, back in that era, would have a plain dark blue ribbon. Also, I'd assume it would outrank the merit medal of the Friedrichsorden. Can we be sure the photo and the miniature medal bar once belonged to the same person? I don't think so, as the combination is, I'd guess, not necessarily unique. But it is scarce, and chances are they do make a set. A great addition to this thread for sure! I agree # 3 is imo a Dienstehrenzeichen.
  12. "The civil guy" on the right next to 29 - first i thought it could be Martin Bormann but in around 1925 i think he would be too young. Number 12 wears a Baden decoration´s ribbon + Iron cross. I know that face - could it be a pilot of a Sanke card? # 26 is definitely von Falkenhausen. # 2 has the rank of a Korvettenkapitän.
  13. Wow, that´s awesome. Thank you very much. # 19 - i would nearly bet: Eberhard von Mackensen (he was the son of Feldmarschall Mackensen) and member of Braunschweiger Totenkopfhusarenrgt (see pin on his cap)
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