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  1. It `s not so common but not really rare (for me as a German) but it is a nice combination.
  2. Hi again and a happy New Year to all. Here i have another pic (i got it from Chris). I think, the shown staff officer could be the later Gen Lt. Otto Haas - he´s wearing both IC & wuerttemberg MMO. I think the pic was taken latest in 1916 - because he`s wearing a Pickelhaube. Any thoughts ?
  3. Ok - did not know, that there`s a Bahlingen in Baden. Taufgasten There`s no word as this in german - it means Taufpa(h)ten today Taufpaten.
  4. Hi, thanks. The problem in my opinion is: Exactly - he was Oberförster a.D. and as he moved to Miltenberg as a "director" it was a private school. Oldenburg archives said: No KLK to Oldenburger citizen between 1916/18. But as i know in other cases - not all data is complete or missing "in time". I have a note in a newspaper, that he got the KLK in late 1918 - unmittelbar vor dem Zusammenbruch and thats a reason, why the "Genehmigung zur Annahme" (da nichtoldenburgische Auszeichnung) is missing. Zwischen Antrag und Genehmigung vergingen zumeist mehrere Wochen im Staatsminsterium (weiß ich von Badischen und Württembergischen Archivbeständen). Ende Nov. 1918 erklärte der Großherzog in den "Medien" das er nicht mehr befugt wäre, jegliche Dekorationen zu vergeben, bzw. zu genehmigen. The owner of my bar was definitely an Oldenburger Landeskind.
  5. Bahlingen - today Balingen is a small town in southern Wuerttemberg.
  6. The Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe? Which year please, Dave? It would be perfect - because i also have the data, that he was awarded with IC non-combatant. The knight`s cross is a version between ca. 1900 - 1918. Ich denke, er könnte es für seine Aufgaben in der Kolonie Kamerun (er war dort zu Forschungszwecken und als Pflanzungsbeamter eingesetzt - zwischen 1897/99) erhalten haben.
  7. Hi to all, i need more infos about the following person: Otto Thyen * 15.08.1866 Neuenburg /Oldenburg + 15.09.1921 Miltenberg He was Oberförster and in 1914 director of the Forst und Kolonialschule in Miltenberg / Bavaria. (i am not looking for the "consul" Thyen or the marine guy with the same name) geb. am 15. August 1866 in Neuenburg in Oldenburg; er besucht nach der Dorfschule das Gymnasium in Varel, macht die Förstereilehre in Friedeburg, Ostfriesland, studiert dann Forstwissenschaft in Eisenach und Münden, wird Forstverwalter in Pommern (Stargard, Mecklenb. um 1910) , Posen, Kamerun (Pflanzungsbeamter 1897-99) und Westpreußen, ist dann Oberförster in Monschau - Imgenbroich im Rheinland; er stirbt am 15. September 1921 in Miltenberg am Main. Zusatz: Er war 1913 noch in Monschau ansässig (Forst und Kolonialschule), kurz vor Kriegsbeginn 1914 zieht er wegen Differenzen ins nordbayerische Miltenberg am Main um. Dort Leiter der Forst und Kolonialschule gemeinsam mit Richard Deeken (bis dieser noch 1914 stirbt) What i need to know is: Did he get the Oldenburg House order knight 2nd class or 2nd class with silvered crown ("Ehrenritterkreuz") between ~ 1900 - 1918? Thanks!

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    Hello again, I`d like to sell this nice, well conditioned and imo original 3rd Reich Firebrigade honour badge - imo the version of 1938 or later. I can`t see a marking on the ring. Those pieces are not so easy to find. shipping worldwide with registered letter (small airfilled package) of DHL. shipping: 6,00 EUR Paypal: We can split the fees (2% each) - but bank transfer prefered. price: 159,00 EUR or best offer.


  9. Thanks i have checked: Huter, Huten, Hüter, Guter, Guten, Güter No entry in Stuttgart Adressbook of 1871. If i have found the correct Schmidt - he has gotten other decorations (Olgaorden, KO4, FO2 .. ) So i think we can remove him. What i also know is, that Wieland was still alive in 1914.
  10. Here´s the unreadable name of the prakt.(ischer) Arzt Dr....... in Stuttgart Any idea?
  11. Now i have the full data of the Staatsarchiv Stuttgart of the bavarian merit cross 1870/71 (awarded to Wuerttemberg citizens) -I did a lot of research in the last days. The only persons, which could be possible candidats of my Schnalle are: -Wundarzt Menniken Stuttgart -Fabrikant Carl Vetter Stuttgart -praktischer Arzt Dr. ......... (i cannot read his name) Stuttgart -our known Dr. Carl (Karl) Fischer, born 1843 - may be died in around 1925 -Feinbäcker Eustachius Mühlhäuser born 1834 Göppingen, married in Stuttgart 1860 - may be died in around 1920 -Kaufmann und Agent Robert Vischer Stuttgart -Privatier Adolf Deyhle Stuttgart -Billetdruck der Eisenbahndirektion und Vorstand des Verpflegungsvereins Johannes Schwab, Stuttgart -Evangelischer Pfarrer Schmidt, Stuttgart, Schriftführer des Sanitätsvereins Stuttgart -Wieland Wilhelm, Privatier Stuttgart All other candidates were died bevor 1914 - or did earn other decorations (mostly prussian KO 3 or KO4 with red cross). Any more infos about the persons out there? Thanks.
  12. Saxon styled Frackspangen (tuxedo bars) are not so easy to find in a combatants`s version. For this shown piece on non-combatant ribbon - it took nearly 10 years to find such a piece for my collection. The IC is a KO (Klein & Quenzer) piece - the hindy cross is a G&S (Glaser & Son, Dresden/Saxony) I was happy to find that piece in a small Militaria shop in 2019.
  13. Sad for us in Germany. As in many more museums (security): "it must not cost anything" - es darf halt nichts kosten.
  14. #1 Bavarian MMCr #2 Baden Order of Zähringer Lion knight 1 with oaks #3 Prussia Red eagle order 4th class or 3rd #4 Württemberg Friedrichsorder knight 1 # 5 Bavarian LSC 24 years
  15. Hi, i don`t know much about Hannover orders & medals - but what i know is, that those early crosses are very hard to find. And they are very expensive, because of its gold. Also harder to find are Hannover pics with that cross on it (After 1866 Hannover was "finished")
  16. Hi again, Thanks to all for giving me input about my questions. I got some new pics - i`d like to show 3 of them. #1 : Seems to be a guy of the Freiwillige Krankenpflege - may be a saxon with a 9 place ribbon bar. I´ve never seen that device of the Carola medal (oaks with numbers on it). He wears: IC combatant - hindy cross - austrian war memorial medal with X - ????? - Carola medal - prussian red cross medal 3 - saxon general honour cross - red cross medal 2 and ???? (may be iron crescent) What do you think about the ?????? decorations. The pic is dated with 1941, Graz Austria - he war reactivated and served as Luftwaffe official. # 2: Seems to be military official - is he a prussian - is it a paymaster? The pic was taken in Köthen / Anhalt. He wears: IC combatant - ???? (may be Hamburg hanseatic cross - or Anhalt Friedrichscross combatant) - and may be Centenial or LSM. #3: A Wuerttemberg guy. I was happy, to find it. He´s golden bravery guy. No date on it. Taken in Langenau (near Ulm). He´s an officer who was awarded with golden bravery & Friedrichsorden knight2 with X. (interesting, because normally FOIIX had to given back after awarding the golden bravery) What about the last decoration on his bar ? - Baltenkreuz? The pic must have been taken in 1936 or later. Unfortunately: No name... Thanks for watching. '
  17. Thanks a lot ! i am not sure, but may be i`ve made a mistake: In 1877 Staatshandbuch - page 189 says: Einstein, Stabsarzt in Ulm and than: Fischer, Dr. daselbst (daselbst means he is also living in Ulm) I think he´s Dr. - but not Stabsarzt. The problem is, that "Fischer" is a damn common name in Germany. 1843 sounds good. my considerations were, that if was active in 1870 he should be born around 1840-45. I also found an entry in the internet, that he was still Hospitalarzt in around 1900 in Ulm. In 1914 he would have been around 70 years - that would fit with the IC "non-combatant" and Wilhelmscross without X for "home merit". I hope, i will get the data of the 1870/71 cross, soon - and get the data of Oldenburg and Braunschweig - i need it for trying two ID 2 other bars....
  18. Sorry for asking again: I found my infos in Wuerttemberg Hof und Staatshandbuch 1877 In the 1869 phonebook of Ulm he is listed only as "Dr. Fischer". Any more infos out there?
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