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  1. Hello Alan329, this is a nice set of Belgian medals for a WWI veteran ūüėĄ
  2. Hello Aussi, this is not a Belgian medal and certainly not resistance related.
  3. Thank you Paul. I would like to find out more about this person. Is there a possibility to find a copy of his personal military record ? I have already found the following insigna on the internet. Now I am looking for some original period ones. hopefully I can make a reconstruction of the medals awarded to Mr Gurfein. Any help would be welcome ‚ėļÔłŹ
  4. Hello, I recently have found a Purple Heart awarded to GURFEIN, LEON. With some internet research I could find out a little bit. I was wondering if someone could help me with a picture of this soldier. Since I am not specialized in US awards I would like to know where I can found out more. For example, was he awarded more then only this Purple Heart. Where can I find this information. Sincerely, Werner
  5. Hello, can anyone help me with information and pictures regarding this table medal. I'm also in search for a list of recipients. This medal was instituted by Royal degree on march 30, 1920. Several foreign persons were given this medal for there aid to the Belgian people in 1914-1918 Thank you, Werner
  6. https://www.vereniging-medec.be/index.php
  7. Hi Kris, chiefs medals are always nice to have. Perhaps if anyone has some pictures to post of chiefs wearing them. I have included a first picture. Greetings, Werner here is a picture I found on the internet I am also trying to put some information on our medal society club MEDEC ( for the moment only in dutch )
  8. Hello Gard, there is something wrong with these bars , though there is nothing wrong with the "Military decoration" Bar "Korea-Coree" does not belong there. Mothers bar ( black enameld ) is not original and the palm seems to be of a different type as usual. We seen al lot of them on ebay Belgium. Some sellers put anything they have on the ribbon to make it more expensieve since Korean war items are sought after.
  9. hello Pegasus, top group I believe every Belgian collectioner would like to have. I never had the chance to buy such a group. thanks for sharing
  10. Hello speedytop, a very beautiful item. In this form the first type (1863). Those where usually named. Named items are scarce. This one was accorded by royal decree of 14 december 1864 : Lemyé Jules, ouvrier ébéniste, à Bruges. Moniteur Belge 16/12/1864
  11. New in my collection, a British War Medal and Merchant War Medal both named to " FRANK GOYSENS". I have found at the NA his medal card but I have to order this in order to see what is written on it. I was wundering if some one has a full list of the MWM awarded to Belgians. Is it possible to find out the shipslist or ship he was on ? greetings, Werner
  12. hello Kvart, posted with pleasure. J.L. Wall has the Swedish nationality, I have forgotten to mentione this. You can find this information in Bulletin Officiel d l'Etat indépendant du Congo, 1887-1908. This was the official publication for new laws etc. There is also a study, not published, from a student from the military academy in Brussels by Erik Peleman 1989-1990. I can provide the list for the Order of the Crown. The Leopold II order was not given to any Nordic recipients prior to 1910. For a similar list after 1910, you should look into "Recueil des lois et arrêtés royaux de Belgique"
  13. Hello, in my documentation regarding the orders and medals : Order of the African Star before 1910, I have found the following person - Wall, J.L. : knight O.A.S, 03/02/1899 inspecteur mécanicien : knight - O.A.L, 30/10/1894 inspecteur mécanicien de première classe for the Order of the African Lion I have found: Sweden: - Arrhenius C.A. - silver medal - Astrand J. - gold medal - Berg A. - silver medal - Brannstrom - silver medal - Dannfelt J.J.M. - knight - de Schwerin baron J.H. - knight - Ek F.E. - silver medal + gold medal - Ericson E.A.F.- gold medal - Erikson I. - silver medal - Eriks
  14. hello Kris, I still think this is French. The ribbon is French, the crown however seems to be Belgian ( see Leopold order ).
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