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  1. Looks real to me too, it resembles a Fran Sorlini type (the shape and the swords). When you receive it by mail, maybe you can look for any hallmarks?
  2. Thanks Paja, it's helpfull. Comparing to the info you gave me, the chance is big that it is a Rothe. I'll try to make some more pics of the details. I used to believe that all order made by Rothe were hallmarked, but apparently I'm wrong
  3. There's a mark in the right on the picture. But I'm not sure if it is even a hallmark? Were there any Takovo's who weren't marked?
  4. Dear gentlemen, I've known that they're were several producers who made the Serbian order of Takovo, f.e. Rothe, Scheid, Leser, ... But were they also made in France? By Arthus Bertrand? Or is this commander a Russian type? I do not see it so good, but I might notice a mark of AB on the bottom (more detailed photo's will follow), but no Boar's head... No other hallmarks were noticed
  5. Dear Gents, I also have a diploma of Takovo, in the book of Carr on Serbian orders, it says that the style could differ from time to time. This one is printed as hand-written. Always a pleasure to watch. My Serbian isn't so good, but am I wirght when this diploma was given to Alex Radulovic?
  6. Hi! What a wonderfull story. I think you're one of the few who can know to who the order was given too. A lust to read the story for colleague-collectors and historici. PS: My birthday is in a few months, I'll wink to my family...
  7. Very interesting and usefull info, Paja. I asume that in the london gazette there will be more info?
  8. Paja, If you still want the Belgian recipients of Serbian orders in WW1, I could mail it to you. Send me a PM with your email adress and you'll get it. Grt
  9. Hi! I've read in the book of Pavel Carr about the history of Serbian and yugoslavian orders, that only the military version (Takovo ith swords) could still be worn in the Karageorge dynasty, as a act of recognition in wartime. So it's only worn by officers.
  10. Thanks , I'm proud of it. It's KF; Karl Fleischhacker.
  11. Karageorge Star: 111 Belgian recipientsOrde White Eagle: 130 Belgian recipients
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