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  1. Thanks! Aye, but it was a pleasure. Especially working with many fine people to get it right. No worries mate.
  2. Guys, just a quick heads up; I got the images I was looking for and the article will be coming out in the July/August edition of JOMSA. 🙂
  3. Hi Glenn, I tried sending you a message, but it didn't work. Mayby your inbox is full?

    Anyhow, here's my question:

    I may use the image on the link for an article I'm writing about the Schaumburg-Lippe Cross for Loyal Service, but I'm baffled as to why a retired soldier would wear an WH eagle on an otherwise imperial uniform:


    Do you have insight about this? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    All the best,


    1. Glenn J

      Glenn J

      Hi Antti,

      that is indeed very strange! I do not think I have ever seen that before. Let me do a little digging. If I find anything, I will get back to you.

      Best wishes


    2. Blitz


      Great, thanks!


  4. Hey Johan, Nice collection! One doesn't see this Orthodox Church Order too often, the award documents are beautiful too. To your question; the Seraphims on Knight 1st cl. are gilt and silver on the 2nd cl. You are right about the difference between Commander 1st and 2nd classes.
  5. Hello Guys, As the topic says, I'm writing an article on the Schaumburg-Lippe Kreuz für Treue Dienste. Not a bad way to keep myself busy while this Corona mess in ongoing.. 🙃 The text is pretty much done and all I need now are some images on the 1870 and 1914 crosses, singles and in medal-bars, minis (I've already got some nice ribbonbar photos from Daniel) and of people wearing them. For printing quality, 300 DPI resolution is the minimum. Seeing how rare the 1870 crosses are, any photos or even a nudge toward some photos would be greatly appreciated! Any photos you share with
  6. Dear Friends and colleagues, For a long time now I have had a desire to return to where I began. To Romania. To improve and build more. And now I have taken the first step in that direction. Part one of this project - Today’s Knights: Orders of Romania - has now entered the proofreading stage, all 175 pages of it. 🙂 This first part encompasses all contemporary Romanian Orders and the second one, which is also “under construction” will contain all Kingdom era Orders. This will no doubt interest you guys more..😉 Hopefully the first part will be ready for release by e
  7. You, Daniel and Rick (RIP) have and are saving the lives of people past from the abyss of time Dave. I'd be hard pressed to find a more important task in this field. Keep up the good work.
  8. For whatever reason, I never received your message Obi. I rarely browse the forums, so I only discovered this thread now. Carol I is correct, the second case is the Order of Charles I, Grand Cross. Without a doupt. As for the first one, as Carol I guessed, it is likely the Grand Cross of the Loyal Service Order, though a second option would be the Order of the Ruling House (also Grand Cross). Measuring the cross intendation on the case should give us a better understanding, if you still have the cases?
  9. The aim was indeed the census as you guessed. It never took off here as similar threads did over at WAF. And.. ..Ultimately I didn't have the time to keep them going or develop them further. The effect of members selling to each other depended on what they disclosed in this thread (and others like it). If such transactions were reported, they were not counted twice. If they weren't reported when items changed hands, there was the possibility of double posting down the line. So accuracy in this sence was solely up to individual members.
  10. Hello Guys, I just wanted to let you know that the Armour Museum in Parola (Finland) is gathering funds to build a shelter to some of it's armoured beasts: https://mesenaatti.me/en/panssarimuseon-tankkikatos/ They've already reached their minimun goal of 60 000 € to begin construction, but there still days left in the campaign and more to get done.. I donated a modest sum myself and I figure their modest PR-efforts can't reach all corners of the world, so I'm just lending a hand. Take a gander at the project if you're interested. Surely this is a worthy cause? Thanks for yo
  11. Dear Friends and Colleagues, I have been hard at work for some time, gathering material and building the book itself. The good news is that the text is ready for proofreading and I have been able to gather 95 % of the image material I need for the book. You might ask yourself, what about that missing 5 %? Well, I’m here to ask your assistance precisely with that. I’m still looking for the following image material: 1. Medal images (min. 300 DPI); - Obverse and reverse of these two medals: Commemorative Medal for the 50th birthday of HSH Prince Franz Joseph II (1956) Com
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