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  1. Rocket for me is original, but a i am not an expert anyway i need some help for this badge, original od copy?
  2. Gents if is possible i need help about these badges about the originality, different variations etc.. any suggestions?
  3. thanks for the pictures Nick i saw in streming on pc
  4. ok gentlemen saw that this section is a bit dormant I propose a new question... What the photo shows? belonged to which nation?
  5. Hello people, I show you a new entry in my collection, three badges of Pilot Cosmonaut first, second and third class .. From the little info that I have, the third class was assigned by the Commander of the Air Force for the first space flight the second class was assigned by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR for two space flights, and the first class was assigned by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, for three space flights. On June 19, 1983, Order No. 161, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR changed this provision. The third class was assigned for the first flight in space, the sec
  6. Yes BURGERHAUS you are correct you are the winner so feel free to ask the next new question
  7. Thank you Paul another easy question, I'd like to know who is the gentleman in the picture
  8. Order of the Red Star I Class from Bukhara 1922 Order of the Republic from Tuva 1943
  9. Good Paul Brezhnev was a lover of military/civil decorations and jealous of those who owned Zukhov that's why he was made to attribute a lot of medals, the same number of stars as a hero and one more "hero of socialist labour" to overcome Zukhov and even the order of the victory that had no reason to be assigned because it was not a time of war Paul well you won now it's your turn to do the next question.
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