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  1. Gah.  I had looked through the Michels book and found it to be indistinguishable from an unofficial type 2, but you're right in that the reverse appears to be the same misstrike as the one you have here.  At $75, it did not set me back nearly as much as a typical Cuban medal would, but maybe I'll still see if I can get it returned.  I have over 40 vics now, and this seems to be the first time I've been fooled.

  2. Thoughts on this medal?  As there is no maker's mark on the rim or designers name on the obverse, I believe this is identified in the Michels book as an unofficial type 2.  I looked under a magnifying glass and confirmed the mark to the right of Victory's feet is a scratch, not a name.  Also, note that the reverse appears to be a misstrike. 



  3. I don't pitch it quite like that, because I don't plan to eventually sell it at a higher price.  But it's an appreciating asset, in the sense that it is only like to go up in value with time, which means that it can always be sold if we fall on hard times.  Buying collectibles doesn't actually decrease one's net worth.  But like you said, that's probably what I say to convince myself as much as it is to convince her. :-)

  4. 5 hours ago, davidck said:

    What about the folds on the pants, which are more pronounced than in pictures of officials that I've seen?  Also the earring, which looks bigger than pictures I've seen.  I'm trying to be diligent, because I'm thinking of making this a tax return present to myself, and it's a lot of money to drop on a fake.

    Nevermind.  On closer inspection and with help from older posts with good pictures in this thread, I satisfied myself that it is the real deal and not, as initially suspected, the type 3 repro.  I took the leap (after convincing my incredulous wife that it wasn't such a terrible idea because it won't lose its value) and now have it on layaway.

  5. On 11/10/2016 at 11:10, davidck said:

    Anyone have thoughts on if this is a genuine official Siamese vic?  It looks pretty legit to me.


    I was taking a closer look at this one, and decided that it doesn't look official to me.  It looks more like the repro type 3 in the Michels book because of the thicker fingers and size of the earring.  Thoughts?

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