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  1. Rough translation from google translate , First document The eighth porridge graduated Shen Chengpeng, the civilian man, the fireman, and the fujishi." The Meiji year of the year, Fang Kamotsuying, high science, graduate school, four years, February day, Meiji tenth year, セシコトヲ Second . L-----Ping Cheng Yi Fang; present inch for casting, should be able to read the landscape painting Li Ba's Junluo 5 3;: Wearing the middle guardian class sacrificial set, Zhangqing;;入| F And, it’s more than a handbag,-Wuming people*Qiao Daquan...Shui, Xia Yu: Fu Li Li cast m:
  2. The WW1 EK1 I have is stamped on the centre of the pin on the reverse . I personally think it's a maker mark and not a control stamp. Just my 2 cents .
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