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    Looking for German armbands. Mostly unusual or uncommon examples. Anything not in the photo attached might be of interest. Thanks!


  2. Sounds fine to me. A harder to find cotton based, as opposed to those rayon types.
  3. So I think this is a military school badge of some sort on the left, but not 100% sure. A friend was wondering the value on it and I have no idea what it is not even to mention a price on it. So any ideas?
  4. It is indeed DPRK made from the Korean War. Pretty nice find at the local show in a random pile of flags I'd say. Gonna pick up another soon as well. I'll post it in the appropriate section of course.
  5. That's my main question, as if anybody can confirm it is from Korea or around that era. It's certainly old, but I can't confirm age. I figure it is North Korean because of the other that was just like it for the DPRK, but of course that's all assumption
  6. Picked up this little flag from a show. Made of silk, with 2 little ties. Printed construction. It was found with a North Korean one similar to this one, but of course with the DPRK flag, but for some reason minus the circle and star. So the question makes me wonder, could this be some sort of North Korean made piece? It's small enough to hang on a bayonet similar to Japanese flags. Piece is overall good shape. 1 part where the silk has loosened down the middle, and only a couple little holes. Ties are completely shot though, so no way to hang it with those. Hammer and sickle are white, but slightly yellowed which is expected I guess being silk.
  7. Schwarzwald Hausach 1935 in Halle Merseburg. Pin was replaced with some little clip, and then put on a piece of cardboard to keep the date.
  8. If it's the exact same one, with those limited pictures, it seems to be good. The Kyffhauserbund group wore the NSDAP armband on their arm, and the one like the other above around their cuff. So makes sense for an armband to have this stamp. I have seen it done a few times.
  9. Anybody have a clue on who used these feuerwehr armbands? Picked them up as a group from 1 local firefighter group.
  10. Most KdF stuff seems to be uncommon paper wise. Most stuff except menus are mostly see it once, and that's it for a while. Great part however is that it's mostly cheap! Thanks guys!
  11. Actually a feldpost bus eagle, but I agree, details are soft compared to an original. Here's an original. http://www.germanwarbooty.com/item-other/other x1075.htm
  12. How large was this organization? There doesn't seem to be much information online about it.
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