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  1. I am not into paper work and pictures , but this thread is totaly amazing and intresting . Dan
  2. Heraldry Symbolism Crown = Royal or seigniorial authority Keys = Guardianship and dominion Mitre = (Bishop's) Authority Deer = One who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony Dan
  3. Mother Lodge Thorntree 512 Adopted Lodge HLI/RHF 1459 Dan Macrae MMM
  4. Not another thread I dont collect these so I am swaping and selling as quick as I can . Dan
  5. Funny that Chris I just found one of these shakos among 158 World Wide Police hats I have just inherited. Dan
  6. Eduardo Thank you for your valuable input on this item. However the actual item was NOT purchased from a dealer I purchased this along with a Canadian Battle Dress Jacket and Trousers dated 1944, a British 1940 patter battledress and the jacket with the Kriegsmarine Insignia the stitching is contempory and german style the entire stitching for epalets and awards are all german thread and style i have seen on german tunics i have had in the past. I still think this was captured and used but i will leave the decision to the person whom swaps it. oh by the way total costs for all items was ?30. From house clearance Dan
  7. I have another piece... not directly militaria related... but definitely connected to a very historic personality along with her very important husband... WWII related and documented as such. It's a piece I'd also hate to part with but if I could get enough for it alone I'd go that route. Okay i am sure that you have others intrested what is the OTHER piece put us out of misery what is it . Dan
  8. Wow how can any one apart from a museum compeat with that collection i am green with envy Dan
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