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  1. Can any member advise how to access the online JMO's for French Regiments in WW1? Thanks for looking. PLEASE IGNORE ---MODS PLEASE DELETE Adrian
  2. Chris Thanks to your input now know the 4th RZ service in Morocco - https://www.les-tirailleurs.fr/unites/4-rz Adrian
  3. Chris Thank you. I have only just started collected verifiable French medals & therefore a novice to the workings of the French Army. I am learning a considerable amount thanks to responses like yours & the forum. Look forward to hearing from you. Adrian
  4. Chris Thank you. Now I am really confused. I need to go through everything again!!! Could you tell me were you got the information on the 7th Battalion? Thanks Arian
  5. Further to my research into Colonel MARCEL VICTOR LABORDE I am looking to confirm his clasps to the Colonial Medal. He was awarded three, two confirmed ALGERIE & MAROC confirmed on service record. The third is I believe either MAROC 1925 or MAROC 1925-1926 for service with the 9th Zouaves Rif War. Attached is a photograph of his Colonial Medal. Would any members have any information that would confirm the third clasp & which one would most likely be the oriental type? Probably impossible!!!! Thanks for looking. Adrian
  6. Chris MARCEL VICTOR LABORDE 3rd Battalion 4th Zouaves - See attached images from his service record.
  7. AllThingsNavy

    4th ZOUAVES

    Have found the 4th Zouaves Regimental History online however it only covers their actions in France. I cannot locate any information on which Battalion? went to Morocco 27th February 1916 – 1st February 1918 & took part in actions at Beni-Mellal & Toumzit. Could any members point me in the right direction for information. Thanks for looking. Adrian
  8. Hendrik Thank you much appreciated. Can I ask were did you find his Commander date as I have been attempting to unsuccessfully find this? also the mention of the Croix de Guerre would this still indicate a 1914-1915 date? Thank you for your help. Adrian
  9. Pat Thank you. Your English is fine much better than my French. Adrian
  10. Rav Send me a private message with your e-mail & will send you what I can find Medal Card/Medal Roll/Pension Record Adrian
  11. Recipient I believe awarded Croix de Guerre 9th December 1915 8th Zouaves. Reverse 1914-1915 or 1914-1916? Thanks for looking
  12. I have recently purchased an Inter Allied Victory Medal & Diploma for Colonel Laborde. The medal was originally sold as part of an estate sale in France in 2017 all awards sold individually. I know the location of his Médaille Coloniale Algeria & Diploma. However sadly non of the other awards. This is were I would like to enlist the help of the forum. Has any member seen any of the other awards that Colonel Laborde received? Also any information on his military career would be appreciated. Thank you for looking
  13. Confirmation/Help requested? Ref attached picture of Colonel VICTOR MARCEL LABORDE I would like confirmation or otherwise of the highlighted medal Morocco Commemorative Medal (1909)? Thank you for looking.

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    Grand Cross set (Republic Period) by Frederico da Costa. In original case of issue. In silver & silver-gilt. Second half of the 20th century



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    A Brazilian National Order of the Southern Cross; Grand Cross Set - First Class. Grand Cross Badge, in silver gilt and enamels, 73 mm x 105 mm inclusive of wreath suspension, full sash with moire. Grand Cross Star, in silver gilt and enamels - Cased. Circa 1960's - 70's


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