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  1. Here, found your guys. You are right given such a grouping they must be BGS. Apologies for the mess BGS insignia
  2. Well, here is something to keep you wondering. But as far as dark green on field grade officers, there has been such shade for the rear services. Check out trident military Robert has a lot of stuff and info on the subject. And he is traveling places every year.
  3. Gentlemen, I see that there is some interest in the subject of Cossacks. Allow me a couple of days and I will try to put together a brief anthology on a subject. Untill then, here are the only two German service cossack signs that were in official use known to me: The Kononov Cross , whhich was a unit sign of the likewise named commander and Young Cossacks School Badge, which was worn by the cadets in Cossack Core
  4. You mean Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) that foght till late 50-s? There were some cossacks there, but hardly a majority.
  5. Sorry, your first row is definetely BGS, I started typing it, but then got distracted by a phone call. Now giving it a second thought, how about Schuetzenverein. They all have green backing right?
  6. Now mind you, gentlemen, at least the first badge is supposedy ROA, or the Russian Liberation Army. Let us assume that they survived and dare to come out of hiding. Problem is that Russia is not Ukraine or Baltics were Germans are often viewed as a lesser evil than Russia itself. Putin has been propagating the ideas of the "holy mother Russia" and Roa does not seem to fit the pattern. But even if they did. The awards are done in a style that does not resemble anything from Russian parish. No heavy enameling, ribbons look wierd. A ROA veteran would know very well, that a blue ribbon was out there for the civilians and NSDAP party officials, so what kind of oxymoron is a blue ribboin with swords below it. Frankly the manner of the production seems to be very US "affordable sports trophies" in style. Relief is poor and the symbolics are rather primitive too.
  7. One of the Cossack museums in US. They do not readily advertise their activities, you know. But the reproduction has been circulating all over for last 40 years at the minimum, I saw its black and white copies in 1960-s mags of the Russian emigres.
  8. A gentleman on the right is a Grenztruppen Oberleutnant, as you see his uniform is no different from the LTC at lft.
  9. What you have here is a mixture of Grenztuppen (DDR) and Vopo (Volkspolizei) shoulder boards. In DDR Grenztruppen were part of the army, unlike in the West, were they are a separate entity such as police. Therefore, as you will see on the attached picture, only lining was different from the other Waffenfarbe. The Vopo where the only ones with striped appearance, except for the field grade officers. Their waffen farbe was a darker tint of green than Grenztruppen. PS DDR never had a BGS, sorry.
  10. Gentlemen, I hate to start with negative comment, but did you give a thought to a very remote possibility of German side Cossacsk surviving in sufficient numbers to wear such awards. I think that after events surpassed on the attached picture, the medals found on ebay are somebody's attempt to fix an income.
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