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  1. hey Kev, I got the laslo book at home. I can't find anything on the device in the book. It really seems a mystery what this leaf is all about. The dealer I got this medal from also tried to find out where this leaf is coming from but he never managed to get any explanation. It seems pretty genuine to me. I'm really interested to find out what it means... Tom
  2. hello, I got this medal some time ago. Its clearly a Belgian victory type medal unofficial type 2. the designer name Paul Dubois is not on it and it has a R hallmark under the wreath at the six o clock position on the reverse. The mystery to me is the golden leaf i found on the ribbon. I don't have any clue what it means. I think it has a Czech origin but i'm not sure. Any thoughts ? Greetz Tom
  3. seems still a mistery... I don't think it belongs their either... but it still looks like a Portugees Clasp... So IF it doesn't bleong there (Im not sure about that)... Where does it belong to ?
  4. I know... I found the same discription on the 5 pointed star and some others with text on. But i never saw this kind... Still wonder what it means...
  5. Does someone know what the C stands for on the clasp of this medal ? thanks Tom
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