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  1. Chris, Personally I prefer items like that compare to shiny one. Your theory regarding possible cause of the death its owner might be right. Even a small splinter after explosion is able to kill. apparently stiff leather was not ably to stop its energy. Really nice item btw. Milosz
  2. Looks awful, cheap, new and totally wrong. Signs of small Chinese hands
  3. From other interesting items I also have this: Lazarett basket for X-ray (Rantgen) or some parts for it, to be honest I am not sure. I have mixed feelings I am not sure if I want keep that basket. One part of mine brain telling me to keep that cool basket, but in the meantime other side suggests that it is not related with German pioneers especially with PB2, so do I really need that in my collection? Well for today I am also consider trade that Lazarett basket for something stunning from PB2.
  4. I did not know that trench clubs are illegal in Germany. Well, it is good to know that. Yeah, that particular trench club is in quit nice shape
  5. Eric, Thank you for your answer. It will be nice to see photos of that M12/13 pioneer tunic. I hope Chip will tell us again what it might be. Regarding to the trench club, I think I will wait for a while. I am worried that if I sell it right now I lose this money on something else not related with PB2. Other thing is that there is anything to buy from PB2. Milosz
  6. Back to that subject, where are all these items from PB2 mentioned by you guys??? I am looking for items from that unit and so far I did not seen many of them. I am very happy to buy or trade for any items from PB2. This is my trench club, that I am willing to trade Regards, Milosz
  7. Here is my tobacco pouch, probably a Christmas gift 1915 especially for Landwer Infanterie Regiment Nr. 61
  8. I have never ever seen covers like that before. They are awesome!! I hope you will get one Chris Cheers, Milosz
  9. Hi Chris, Thankyou for warm welcome You can see my collection here: www.pommerschespionier.com on the right side bar in category collections. Unfortunately I do not have many items from PB. 2 where my great grand-father served but I am working on that I have M95 pioneer pickelhaube stamped P.B.2 Are you collecting documents Chris? I have some document but they are not on my site. Sorry for the watermarks but I had some problem with stolen photos from my website in the past. Cheers, Milosz
  10. Hi guys, I am that guy who bought to other hat from stamped PB 2. Well as Chip mentioned previously I am collecting items from that battalion and I just saw that rock from PB.2 - its awesome. All the best, Milosz
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