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    i am a former German Army Airborne Officer and now a Police lieutenant. 2006 i served with the EU Battle Group in the Republic of Congo.

    I collect US Medals since i am 16 years old.

    If you collect modern German Army medals, i can trade it against us medals.

    All the Best


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  1. Hello Laurentius, I sent a price request to Van Wielik on Wednesday morning. I have not received an answer yet. Kind regards Feldjaeger.1
  2. Hello Laurentius, i know the shop from van Wielik in Den haag. Do you mean that it is also possible to buy a MWO 4 class. regards Matthias
  3. Hello, dear friend.

    I wonder if the Order of the White Rose (Knight Cross) is still avaiable for sale.
    Greetings from Spain,
  4. Hey Guys, today the GC arrived...and a few other gifts What do you say, especially about the cases.
  5. Ok Guys , today i send the money...pushing the thumbs, that the post don't lose it...
  6. Hi friends, i got a offer for a german cross in gold. marked 20 with case. And now i need your help, is the piece original??? The offer for me is 1000€. regards matthias
  7. Hi Guys, santa comes really early this year. This Medals are mostly from my police comrades. Before this christmas presents, i did not collect german medals. What you think about the medals...are all Original? regards matthias
  8. This EK II 1870 is on ebay. Is it real or a copy? What's your opinion. Runs more than 4 days.
  9. Hi Paul, yes General Hagemann (former Commander of the German/French Brigade), now General of the Infantry (General der Infanterie) and Commander of Infantry School.
  10. Hello, The French Style DOSB (full size) is not permitted to wear on German Uniforms. But in reality, the germans wear it on her medal bars. z changing of the commander August 2015 Left the old ones: Colonel Gerhard Klaffus (german) Brigadier General Marc Rudkiewicz (french) Right the new ones: Brigadier General Werner Albl (german) Colonel Jean Philippe Leroux (french) Foto: Volker Münch Foto: Hans-Jochen voigt 09/15
  11. My Minis, without the Austrian Red Cross merit medal, DSA 10, DLRG GOLD, WW Gold, Nijmegen Cross, Jerusalem Cross and Saxony Flood Medal 2013.:
  12. Fantastic cold war era uniforms, especially the old Jäger Uniform (light green collar tabs).
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