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  1. Some other images of the badge. As far as I can tell, it was made from a used artillery shell. The backing of the badge shows evidence of small pitting and burn marks that would be consistent with a used shell.
  2. Took a bit of a gamble with this one. Didn't know exactly what it was when I saw it but the bird and the cross backing narrowed it down to World War Two Rhodesian. Number 3021 in Owens.. Has a pin backing, would that classify as a 'sweetheart brooch' or is my thinking correct that many of the Officer's Mess Dress items had such backings?
  3. Hi All Found a Boer War QSA yesterday. To a Richmond Town Guard. However, when I check the man's name on the roll, he comes up as Warrenton Town Guard. I see no evidence of a name change. Is it possible he changed during the war? Anyone have access to the full medal roll. I used AngloBoerWar.com.. Name appears on medal as 24 Pte M Raath Richmond TG. Regards, Chris
  4. I think I found some relevant information. Hope someone can clarify if this is correct as this would verify the pin badge for me. Found the information from this website under the subheading "Intensified Transport Service." http://samilitaryhistory.org/jnl2/vol181gl.html
  5. Have a set of medals with the prefix 'WN'. My understanding is that it stands for 'Women's Auxiliary Navy'. Is that correct?
  6. Picked up an interesting WW2 pin badge today. Definitely SAAF but don't quite know exactly what squadron or wing it relates to. I'm thinking it's 5th Wing, which was the transport wing of the SAAF, who I imagine had a detachment at Juba which was one of the staging points along the route from South Africa to Cairo. Anyone else have some ideas?
  7. Thank you Peter. Yes, a rather mixed lot. Don't exactly know where to post sometimes. Bit of guess work. I think you might be right about the Irish patches. Also picked up a set of WW1 medals to a L-2110 DVR. R. Bushell. R.A. with the lot. Don't know if there is a connection there.. Also picked up another set of medals. A WW1 1914-15 star and WW2 African Service Medal and British War Medal. The WW1 medal reads BOMBR. E.D. Rom 8th Cit. Batt. and the two WW2 medals WN 615896 E.Rom. Thanks for the help.
  8. I was hoping for some helping regarding a few of these badges and medallions. Most are Italian Fascist badges plus Italian Colonial Battles Medals pre-WW2. Not too clued up on the two 'shamrock' Irish cloth badges - are these formation patches or something else entirely? The one that has me stumped though is the one on the top left. It is a badge with a gladius chopping the head off of a snake with the Cross of Lorraine in the background in red enamel. Possibly Free French or some such. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Chris
  9. Hi Arthur I think you are correct about the Southern Rhodesia connection. Do you think it could be an old high school that used to be active during that time? The 'OH' could be something Highschool...
  10. Got some information on the helmet flashes. Apparently they belong to the South African WW2 National Reserve Volunteers. The one advertising pin is for Meltonian shoe polish from the 1930s. I have no idea what the 'ISPCS' stands for though. The Albion Leyland Scammell badge seems to be quite rare, a trucker's button hole badge of some sort. Still can't find anything on the other two badges.
  11. A few of these might be military but not sure where to place them. A couple cloth flashes. Could be Artillery.. Then a few badges. Query relates to the advertising badges and not the two sweetheart badges. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Found some more interesting badges over the festive season. Some good finds include the Northern Rifles collar badge and a Western Province Mounted Rifles shoulder title. A world war one Imperial service and a South African Motorcycle Corps shoulder title. A 1st South African Mounted Rifles shoulder title. Also found an interesting cut out version of the early South African Railroad cap badge. Comes with two lugs on the back, could be silver. As always, any other information or interesting facts about these badges would be kindly appreciated.
  13. The medal is cupronickel. I would try some rubbing alcohol and see if it removes it. These British War Medals are not expensive. If it's a family medal I would understand the need to send it off for proper care but I would save the money and look for a better candidate. Regards, Chris
  14. Thanks Peter. A couple nice ones I've been looking for and some in pairs too. The Diamond Field Horse, Johannesburg Mounted Riles, Dukes of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles, Transvaal Cycle and Motor Corps and the WW1 South African Field Artillery titles were my prime picks. A really well rounded collection too. Some from the Boer War, others from World War One and Two and a few from the SADF days. I forgot to include a couple others in the pictures that allowed me to pair up with a few singles I had on hand. Regards, Chris
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