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  1. I have been able to do a bit of research on these medals but the rest seems to be behind a pay wall. Both the War medal and Victory medal are named the same - E Colbert VAD. The only person with that name and detachment seems to be an Elizabeth Colbert who joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment in 1914. The two medals also came with a Worker's or Women's Volunteer badge numbered 100348 manufactured by Gaunt London. Is there any way to gather more information to determine if I indeed have the right person and also more information on person themselves? Thank you. Regards, Chris
  2. Hi gents Some new badges I recently got possession of. Two command bars, Witwatersrand Group 41 as far as I could determine. The Rover Scouts badges, including a hat plume and RS title. Don't know about the rifle cloth badge or the 'WR' badge. Always interested in the knowledge if anyone has some ideas. Regards, Chris
  3. Thank you Mike. A few questions. What would you classify the 'UMR' badge as? A Boer War era shoulder title, a slouch hat badge.. I found a Bethune's Mounted Infantry badge awhile back that I thought was a shoulder title but turned out to be a slouch hat badge so it's confusing as to how to categorise the badges. Would the snippet posted above be incorrect with regard to the time period? Regards, Chris
  4. Found a bit more information online. This from a snippet from an auction for the book: Du Plessis, A.J. The Umvoti Mounted Rifles. According to the snippet, the badge above is number three in the picture. Under number 3 is written, as best as I can make out.. "Gilded metal slouch hat badge. Two gnus galloping on ground, below the ground a scroll inscribed with the motto 'Toujours Pret'. In the area between the ground and the scroll, the letters UMR, worn prior to 1902, the greatest width being 2 something inches." Does anyone have access to this book? Reason for edit: Just learned another name for wildebeest are gnus.
  5. Thought I would update this post. As far as I've been told, the cap badge relates to the post Boer War era up to World War One and the UMR title is a Boer War era slouch cap badge. I'm still learning so if any information can be added, please feel free.
  6. Hi all. Long time no see. Found a few badges and a shoulder title relating to the Umvoti Mounted Rifles today. A few mysteries though, at least for me. Most of the cap badges I see don't contain the motto but the one I found contains the motto 'Toujours Pret' plus 'UMR' above that. The shoulder title is interesting as it does look hand made with the maker's mark 'A Huber Greytown' on the back. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. A pity he didn't keep his badges.. or perhaps the family lost them at some point? Just nice to pick up a piece of history every now and again. I might even try shaving with his razor at some point. It's still sharp enough to remove some arm hair and has no chips so just needs a clean, hone and strop. Thank you for the extra information. Makes some sense considering one of the cards has the Royal Welsh Fusiliers emblem on it.
  8. I can try but I can't promise anything, got a normal day to day camera that isn't great a focusing on intricate detail. Edit: Nevermind, I can post the pictures from the auction...
  9. I purchased these medals and some other history related to him off our local auction site. He was in the Royal Engineers Corps. Would be interested if anyone knows more. However, included in this lot was his razor and a few postcards to his children. All kept very well. His full rank and numbers are : 264367 SPR J.H. Dickinson. R.E. Trying to upload some pictures...
  10. Hi Chris

    Nick, our fearless leader, has given me the 'power' to move posts, so I did. I think it will get mnore views here, as the Africa forum is almost excluseivley used by a handful of collectors of post colonial ODM.  Again, thanks for a fine post on an interesting topic.


  11. Thank you. Moving the thread is fine by me. My mistake. I actually missed the British Empire forum for different colonies and went straight to Africa, since that is where the soldier fought and where he was given the tin. Can't wait to get the medals and see what extra information I can obtain about him. I almost completely missed the first pencil, the one with the crack in the casing. I had been looking for years to find one of these special pencils but didn't want to buy online. Was in a box mixed in with a bunch of other items and almost mistook it for a mere bullet! Spoke to the seller and he said he didn't even know what it was and just brought the box along to the flea market to clear out.. quite lucky as things go. Unfortunately, I didn't find any other finds in said box.. I even asked if by chance it came with one of the khaki writing folders... haha, got to try your luck sometimes!
  12. I like to collect medals but sometimes you find something else. I found the one pencil at a local flea market. And then the following week I found the other pencil with its tin, 1915 card and cardboard cut-out at an antique fair. The tin also came with a set of trio medals which I will be getting in the next couple of weeks. The soldier was part of the South African Mounted Rifles (SAMR) campaign in South West Africa and I believe his 1914/15 star shows this whilst his Victory Medal and British War Medal have a different rank and unit description. All parts are in excellent condition, the lacquer on the pencil is now a lovely dark colour and the silver tip has toned well, except for the part below the casing. Some pictures. Some more pictures. The 'M' on the one pencil is difficult to pick up with my shoddy camera and camera work, I took a close-up to try and capture it better. Amazing to know these survived so well, even after 100 years! The bottom of the casings are different. One reads "KN 14 VII" and the other " 'C' 'B' 'II' "
  13. Hello once again. Just received the copies of the Form B for the two medals. Thank you Chris Boonzaier and a thank you to Gerald and Steve at the Documentation Centre for providing the information. Got both the Forms for Korpl JH Muller and Burger FC Swart but also got one for a Burger J H Muller. Anyway, for your enjoyment.. Regards, Chris
  14. Should be noted that in Auction no 64 of City Coins, De la Rey's set of medals sold for a whopping R756000! http://www.citycoins.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Auction-64-PRICES-REALISED-Final-Listing.pdf Check for lot number 103.
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