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  1. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=39040&st=20 http://monarchiahadiipar.hupont.hu/14/kituntetes-jelveny-es-ezek-tartozekai
  2. Maker marked «HUW» - Erste Osterreichisch-Ungarische Metallknopfe- und Metallwaren-Fabrik Heinrich Ulbricht's Witwe, Wien XIII/2.
  3. m afraid we never we know how the original looks. It is not known total awarded, how many firms made it. Klietmann writes about a cross from weissmetal with makermarks of firm Lindner, Nimmergut about not marked items from kriegsmetal and buntmetal, and Rosenwald also about a crosses from silver with stamp «900». Confusion and with furnish of averse - here both colouring by a varnish, and enamel imposing. Criteria of rewarding are unknown also. If to trust Schuster the cross freely was on sale. From this it follows that the document on rewarding was handed over only. Therefore the awarded could both to buy a cross offered to sale, and to order it in a private order. Proceeding from it various variants of a sign are possible. My sign with enamel on averse and under the description of fakes made by Shuster does not approach. So goodness knows.
  4. Article of the professor Rosenwald. ОММ № 95. 2001
  5. K.-G. Klietmann «Deutsche Auszeichnungen. 2. Band. Deutsches Reich 1871-1945»,1971, s.73
  6. Excellent cross. It is the early unlabelled version of firm «Shauerte & Hochfeld, Ludenscheid». The screw and plate original. Below my marked EK1 WW1.
  7. Mike Kenny collection - http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=23246. Post #15-16. ЕК identical.
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