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  1. I believe the 52nd earned the 14-15 star on the NW Frontier, but based on this chap's regimental number, as an educated guess he was probably a war time recruit, so I'd agree with Michael that he probably didn't earn the star.
  2. Sorry to chime in here, but the 107th Pack Battery was definitely not in France during WWI. They went to East Africa in 1914 and stayed there for much of the war (it's almost certain that your man was in East Africa to earn the VM, as the battery spent time only in that theatre and in India). The 107th was during the Great war the 27th Mtn. Battery - in 1920 the word Pack replaced Mountain, and in 1921, the number 80 was added to all the batteries (to avoid confusion with British Mtn. Batteries) so the 27th became the 107th. This lasted until 1927 when 100 was dropped and it became the
  3. Was this the star that was listed on eBay? I think I recall a Star to an 'IDSM' winner being sold, but like Paul says he definitely did not win an IDSM. There is a 673 Havildar Muhd. Bakhsh 69th Pjbis that did win an IDSM, but obviously not the same chap. You could try returning it?
  4. I would argue that there is a huge difference between a medal in your collection VS. a medal you were awarded. If it were my medals I would definitely keep it clean and presentable. Period. If it were medals in my collection, as they are not 'mine' I'd follow the lead of museums and other collections of antiquities. For a medal collection, the goal should be the preservation of history. Sometimes this means some cleaning or repairs, but usually it does not, and I shudder to think of all the well worn groups with original ribbons ( that survived 60 or 160 years ) that were lost. Som
  5. Hi 'Nelson', Nice medals. I'm surprised though that you had difficulty finding an IGS36 to a British Army chap. Of course you are right, medals to the Indian Army are more common, but the British Army stuff is out there. Like Paul I also collect Indian Army, and while I limit myself to researchable singles/groups, as pointed out there are many sub-themes for IA collecting; Regiments, Mountain Batteries, followers, interesting ranks, particular medals, casualties. Peter, Not to steal this thread, but what museum did you set up in, and do you have any pics/links? Thanks, Chris
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