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  1. Hi Guys, I was hoping I would not need to ask for help; however, I am stumped. I need a little help with identification of this panel and assume this is the right place to post as vehicle forum appears to be best fit what with the yoke and all. I recently acquired this panel along with a yoke and I would like to install the missing instruments only I have no clue what I have. The three top holes are about 2 ½” (62mm) and the bottom hole 2” (50mm).The yoke has same serial number as panel (suggesting they belong together), is on a bracket that hinges so that it can be flipped upright suggesting cramped leg conditions. My thinking maybe not to do with aircraft, though may be a red herring so concentrating on the panel. The panel is marked with a broad arrow indicating British military and states L.C.P simulator made by FRE…………so a vehicle and/or target training aid? Some of the switches are marked “made in England” and my gut feeling is Navy 1970’s though I could be way off. The only company info relating to FRE I can find is FRE Electronics Technologies Inc which is a US company established over 20 years which does not fit with the made in England marks which I think changed to made in UK in the 70's. If anyone recognizes this panel or can give me any info, especially about the missing instruments or what L.C.P is, (launch control panel? launch what? Missile ground to air?), it would be very much appreciated. In anticipation Mike
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