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  1. I would agree from the peak and the chinstrap that it is interwars, hard to be more precise
  2. Thank you Peter. A rare cap and a great addition to my welsh regiments collection
  3. Edwardian officers field service cap with crown piping, South Wales Borderers, The cap is blue cloth (which is correct for the period, see army dress regulations 1900) with regimental white crown piping and silver plated officers badge, with regimental buttons by Jennens & co (the particular maker mark was used up to 1912) and the cap was made by Silberston, 2 regents place, regents street London. It is lined in leather with velvet edging, and the makers mark is embossed in gold. The makers were ''& son'' by the 1930's. Also shown it with a WWII period other ranks coloured fs cap more pics
  4. an old thread but a recent acquisition, rough rider (remount trainer, riding instructor) sergeant of the 13th hussars, c.1890-95
  5. nice to see you here Mark and a lovely lid. don't expect it to be any busier here than the other forums
  6. a rare button indeed....obviously when you posted recently you mean't nearly five years back https://www.peoplescollection.wales/items/408021
  7. As an army collector, I have a few items of headgear by Hawkes, but nothing by Gieves or Gieves & Hawkes, I think they joined together in 1978.
  8. the beret has a fake date on it, this company never made para berets until well after WWII, the earliest I have seen is 1970's. They made other headgear, before WWII, but never para berets. The badge from your one, not very close up pic, appears to be a pointy wing tip fake.
  9. I know this is an old thread bumped by someone else, but the thread starter badge exhibits details consistent with a copy, the tail touching the leg is not a good sign. You really need to share some pics if you want an answer, sounds more like a sweetheart or old comrades badge than an "issue" badge
  10. it is British made and these markings on the sweatband are not precisely dated but late 30's early war is probably correct.
  11. Not British as far as I am aware, maybe Belgian or other near Continental
  12. When I clicked on this post earlier it confused me, I only just now realised why, the spelling site as opposed to sight made me think it was about a gun emplacement rather than an optical device. Auto spelling I assume to blame. Sorry I can't actually help you.
  13. The crown could also be for QEII. I assume the II is either for a 2nd Battalion or is for Her Majesty....I also cannot id this to any Prince of Wales regiment. I assume it is quite small and is more of a pennant than a "colour"?
  14. All true, the wrong things become obvious once you can compare to an original. I can't remember the last time I saw an original for sale
  15. Both look 'new' but with some wear and shiny lugs, both are suspect imo, they just don't look correct. Are the edges of the backs sharp?
  16. Sadly they are also copies, the originals have a number of quite different details, note the wings of the dragons for one and the lettering of the CARDIFF at the base, both very different
  17. A fine collection and good to see you on this forum since the airborne insignia forum went down.
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