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  1. Here you can see how the medal looks like if its stamped and not casted: https://www.dorotheum.com/de/l/7149163/ Regards Christian
  2. Here are some more: Generalmajor Arthur Zar: 28.03.1918 FJO-R+KD 24.08.1918 EKO 3+KD+X Generalleutnant Rudolf Busich: 15.06.1916 FJO-R+KD+X 00.00.19__ EKO 3+KD Generalmajor Kurt Hermann von Herrenalb: 05.03.1917 FJO-O+KD 24.03.1918 EKO 3+KD Generalstabsarzt Dr. Franz Zhuber von Okrog: 22.02.1915 FJO-R+KD 04.02.1917 EKO 3+KD Generalintendant Ludwig Eitel: 13.08.1915 FJO-R (it´s to assume with KD) 19.03.1918 EKO 3+KD Generalintendant August Fratz: 11.05.1916 FJO-R+KD+X
  3. I can add some names: Generalstabsarrzt Dr. Karl Brenner 12.02.1915 Ritterkreuz FJO+KD+X 05.05.1920 EKO 3+KD+X (nachträglich) Generalstabsarzt Dr. Ernst Dub Ritterkreuz FJO+KD EKO 3+KD+X Generalstabsarzt Dr. Josef Feix 04.04.1915 Ritterkreuz FJO+KD 00.00.1920 EKO 3+KD (nachträglich) Generalstabsarzt DDr. Erhard Glaser 23.01.1915 EKO 3+KD 12.10.1915 Offizierskreuz FJO+KD Generalstabsarzt Dr. Ignaz Hofer 07.04.1915 Ritterkreuz FJO-KD 00.00.1920 EKO 3+KD+X (nachträglich) Gener
  4. Good morning! You are right assuming that "Nazarener" are not jews but a christian sect/renewal movement as cited from Meyers Konversationslexikon. The "BH"-signature should be from the official library of the Austrian ministery of defence. I will check that later and correct it when wrong. A new point: please don´t forget the the k.u.k. army was very tolerant of many religious communities . So there existed an own corps of Jewish military rabbis (look at the pic below which is from "Schematismus für das k.u.k. Heer 1910, pg. 1235 and Rangliste 1918). During WW1 this corps was e
  5. Here are the statues for the Karl-Truppen-Kreuz. I wouldn´t find any passage which would exclude the award for jews: https://alex.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/alex?aid=stv&datum=1916&page=6549&size=27 As we all know Austria-Hungary was a multi-national and multicultural empire. There was no reason to exclude jews from distinct decorations - just with one exception: the Order of the Fleece which was a House Order of the Habsburg Dynasty. Kindest regards Christian
  6. It could awarded just once. And it´s not true that it could not be awarded to Jews - that´s pure nonsense. Emil Sommer, later chairman of the Jewish Front Fighters Union earned it in 1918. Just as example. Regards Christian
  7. Gentlemen, I can just provide some points: 1. The number of more than 400 FML is out of any doubt in my opinion. There is a good overview in Jörg Steiner´s book "Schematismus der Generale und Obersten der k.u.k. Armee 31.12.1918": https://library.hungaricana.hu/en/view/Andere_Steiner_1992/?pg=0&layout=s 2. I am sure there were many FML without EKII. German decorations in general were bestowed just to officers who served in functions and commands connected to german troops or under german command. There were many FML who never had this connection. Don´t forget that many of th
  8. The text is: "S(einem)/l(ieben) Toni Kolbesen zur fr(eun)dl(ichen) Erinnerung. 1913. Rebhahn Oberstlt." Obstlt Rebhahn and Oberleutnant-Rechnungsführer Anton Kolbesen served together with Armeeschießschule in 1913. Rebhahn was former officer of IR 92, which had white as "Regimentsfarbe". All fits. I could find Rebhahn last time in Schematismus 1914. He received knight´s cross of Franz Joseph-Orden in 1913 or 1914. Rebhahn received Orden der Eisernen Krone 3. Kl. mit der Kriegsdekoration on 22.11.1914 serving with k.k. Landsturm-Infanterieregiment Nr. 12. He lost his li
  9. I am not sure about the "b", the rest should mean "Im Auftrag des b.... Regimentskommandeurs". b.: evt. "beurlaubten"? Regards Christian
  10. "Im Auftrag des b(ayerischen) Roten Kreuzes"??? It would be helpful to know the context... Regards Christian
  11. It´s a "Schlaraffe": https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlaraffia Regards Christian
  12. "Meinem lieben guten Papa einen dankbaren Gruß von sein lieben treuen Sohn Emil" - Emil not confirmed.
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