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  1. Thanks for chiming in on this Gordon and cheers for the update. BTW I am led to believe that the 1870 ek 2 class I have was gonna be in 'the book'? I got it from Dave B who mentioned this to me. If you like you can retake a picture of it or I could do it with a very good camera and send lots of pics (for you to choose) to you as TIFFS? Thanks Rob
  2. Hi Havent been around here for a while (work and researching WW1 EYR battles are keeping me busy lately) and was wondering if anybody can give me a progress report on Gordons new book-The Imperial Iron Cross? Is it out yet or near? Cheers Rob Also I cant find a link to the thread about this book? I remember the cover art members had done was excellent!
  3. No pics of Gen Maj Paul Tiede? Ok, how about a pic of-- Major Richard Moeller (2 GRIR) awarded 20th May 1917, One Division Pour le Merite awarded in the May 1917 fighting Or Viktor Albrecht who was commander of this division up until 1917.
  4. Does anybody have any pics of General Major Paul Tiede as I think he was in charge of this division from Jan 1917 until the end of the war. He was also a PLM recipient (17.04.18) so may be pics out there? also if anybody has any pics of this division also? Cheers Rob
  5. Hello I am seeking information on this division, 1917.....from what I gather it was a Prussian division and its recruits were from all areas of Prussia. From what I gather it was a brigade made up from: 1.Gd .Res. 2. Gd. Res. 64 Res. 7 Gd Art.Command 1 Gd Res F.A. Regt. Gd Res. Dragoon 2nd and 3rd Field Cos. (1 Eng. Battalion 28) 401 Tel. Detch 5 Gd T.M.Co 206 Ambulance Co. 395 Field Hospital Vet. Hospital I am seeking info on this division. The place where the recruits for these various units would have trained in Prussia? Magdeburg seems to come to mind but not sure which unit? If locat
  6. Cheers for that Kev I am now member of great war forum and axis forum and got some good answers on there! Also that Hitlers 6th Bayr Res were just south of Oppy at the time and it was the 1st Bayr division directly in front of Oppy and from what I gathered the 51st Highlanders regarded these as the toughest German troops they had encountered, first class!
  7. Hi all I am currently reading "The Trench-the full story of the Hull pals" ( from Hull myself) and before I get to the 'Oppy wood battle' I was wondering which German army fought against the Hull Pals (10th East Yorks regt) at Oppy Wood in 1917 (not sure if the book will mention which German army until i get to that bit?). I know of a book all about this battle and I will get hold of it one day but I am curious now and would like to know. Hoping one day to visit the Hull memorial at Oppy and from what I know there was a VC winner at this battle, from Hull, Lt John 'Jack' Harrison. If any mem
  8. Not sure on that but I think they will be alright, will check them periodically so should be ok. thinking of loaning 'the book' to a local museum so others can see the story.
  9. Hi all and seasons greetings I have been out of the loop recently what with work, family and Hull City AFC first ever venture in the BIG time and was wondering if the Williamson book has been published yet-The Imperial Iron Cross. I was following the thread a while ago and need to catch up on its progress. Can anyone fill me in with details if there are any? Thanks Rob
  10. Thanks for the comments I take onboard your comments and I have already thought about this. I have taken some leaves of the photo album out as it was getting kind of awkward, medals are ok and the photos the way I have arranged them. I have found a guy who lives local who restores books etc for a living, to a really high standard. I intend to meet up with him and discuss perhaps setting up the book so there are no worries with regards pressure on the medals (most important). I find the medals are ok and the paperwork, it's the book which is taking the flak! I still intend to carry on wi
  11. Yes Webr55 I too thought of this....I thought these were only awarded to non-Germans? I will post full photo as I am sure he is German?? I got this pic to go with my KDM w/Metz clasp and CM bar so its not imperative to me to find out what the mystery medal is I am just interested and curious to know. Maybe you are right Webr55, the ribbon and size of the medal could well be a "Krieger-Verdienstmedaille". ? Thanks for your input Rob
  12. Hello What are the abbreviations for the Hindenburg Cross with swords (HKx?), Bayern Landwehr Dienstauszeichnung II kl (BLD2?) and the Konig Ludwig kreuz. Thanks Rob
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