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  1. A scholar and a gent-old school. If he says it, you can take it to the bank.

  2. A scholar and a gentleman. Charles is almost certainly the Wests' most knowledgeable Hungarian military history expert. His book is a treat.

  3. a scholar and a gent.

  4. A good guy, even though he NEVER comes to Lowell with Rick, Stogie, Buellmeister and myself. We miss him.

  5. Honest and has an intimate knowledge of all things DDR, even the Sandman show!

  6. Another guy I respect a lot. He really knows his stuff.

  7. A guy I like and admire a great deal. He is a world class scholar and a real gentleman in the classic sense of the word.

  8. A man of intelligence, probity and integrity who inspired my collecting passion with an article on the RK.

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