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  1. My main reason for logging in today really is to bring the following piece to the thread, that I also acquired last week. It seems to sit well with the topic and is very similar to G's example (that He lists as 1 of 5). It is made of Oak and measures 17 1/4" in length with a circumference of 4 3/4" at the thick end!. Double stamped MP with crown above in the usual manner and bearing some scratched initials that seem to be M H I or M I I I. This of course could have related to an officer or even been the result of a child's vandalism!. Either way an interesting piece, that happen
  2. Great information there Alan, thank you. Further to my above on the P.O.H.G. stick, I was fortunate enough to acquire a William 1V Parker stick last week that is absolutely identical in every dimension to the former (bar a 2mm longer band at pommel end over which leather strap would have sat! and obvious difference in shade of handle as referred to previously). This will no doubt help correlate approx date etc. I have attached a pic just for interest.
  3. Thank you Mike, and yes, you guessed correctly that I was the lucky bid winner of the P.O.H.G. truncheon, that incidentally I had been watching since it's first listing, but it was the above thread that further piqued my interest and spurred me on to purchase!. I have attached a few pics as per your request, albeit lighting conditions here in London are atrocious today, so if you or any other members for that matter require more I will endeavour to oblige. You will see the passage of time and normal Police work of smashing windows and knocking on doors, have taken their toll on this stick
  4. Greetings fellow members and collectors. I firstly apologise for joining this thread somewhat late, as I have always used this site as an occasional means of interest and education, watching from the wings so to speak and now breaking cover as seems appropriate, in response to what is the most enjoyable and informative thread!. Amongst my humble collection (pic1), and first of the early Met truncheons, incidentally purchased about 30 years ago!, is a plain mid wood shade example, 17" in length, 5 1/2" circumference at the top, double stamped and identical to Mike's example above, with a n
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