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  1. So if we know what regiments fought there, I guess it would be possible to find award documents, military passes etc. from these units dated from July 1, 1916 and narrow it down?
  2. Thanks guys! Those postcards are great Chris. I'll have a look at the book. Right now I'm reading "The Somme" by Martin Gilbert.
  3. As a native Newfoundlander I am interested in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment that fought at Beaumont Hamel starting with the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1, 1916. My question concerns the German units that fought at this same time at Beaumont Hamel. Which units were they and does anyone have any related items from these units? EK documents, military pass books, photos etc.
  4. Wow, great one! So there is no backing plate on these?
  5. Another great cross with character to boot. One of the most highly sought after examples for sure.
  6. Nice cross. A TR made piece. I have one like this that came on an LDO screwback case.
  7. Very unique stamp, and nice cross. Now tell us about the core.
  8. Does the carton say something about being for an officer? The case looks like it has a non standard closure system.
  9. Great set! You seem to have been laying low lately. Good to see you back in full force with such nice items.
  10. I also think this is an S, a known maker of these.
  11. What a great set. Classic cross, the harder to find style case and the very difficult to find cardboard carton.
  12. I have seen EK2s wrapped in a blue heavy paper. Haven't picked one up yet but I think many here have seen these examples, often stamped with a maker's mark. I guess there could have been similar ones in brown paper. These are much heavier than tissue paper however.
  13. Is it just me or does something look very strange with that core? The details are mushy. I haven't seen one look like that before.
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