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  1. Hi, Not that I can identify the badge at the moment but, I believe that the bird is a Phoenix raising from the flames. Regards Arthur
  2. Good morning The 16th Bn. wore a 2 1/4" cotton red triangle. Regards Arthur
  3. Hi I've found a couple of other entries for N. S. Halliwell during March and November 1942: Regards Arthur
  4. Hi, I have found this information in the January 1945 R.A.F. List: Hope that it helps. Regards Arthur
  5. Hello, I would like to thank you for your very generous offer, and I am sure that it will be a valuable reference. Thanks again. Regards Arthur
  6. Hi Your formation sign is cloth version of a brass Home Guard item 'Ist Bn Vickers Armstrong Company' Both items can be seen in Jon Mills & Terry Carney's 'In The Space of A Single Day'. Regards Arthur
  7. Hi Geoff, Thank-you for that information. I had often visited the Regiments.org site and like many others I was also disapponted that access to the site was blocked. Thanks again. Regards Arthur
  8. Hi 8th [Howitzer] Bde. RFA consisted of: 37th [H] & 61st [H] Btys & 65th Bty. [65th Bty. RFA was formed with 7th Bde. RFA and was attatched to the 8th Bde during 08-1914] 37th [Howitzer] Bde. RFA consisted of: 31st, 35th & 55th [H]Btys. Information taken from Frederick's 'Lineage Book of British Land Forces 1660-1978 Vol.2' Regards Arthur
  9. Hi, A little further information for you. It is taken from Collecting Volunteer Militaria by R. J. Wyatt. 5th Kent R.V.C. Canterbury 6th Kent R.V.C. Canterbury 16th Kent R.V.C. Sittingbourne 24th Kent R.V.C. Ash 29th Kent R.V.C. Ashford 36th Kent R.V.C. Wingham Regards Arthur
  10. Hi, This is a copy of some information that I passed on to someone else regarding this badge: Immediately after the completion of the War in 1918 a special mine clearance force was organised to sweep the large number of mines which had been laid. Many men who would have otherwise have been released remained to serve in this force. It members wore silver badge on the cuff, depicting the floating mine surrounded by a wreath. Regards Arthur
  11. Hi, This site show Niagara with similar markings on her port side: http://www.navyphotos.co.uk/ngara1b.jpg Regards Arthur
  12. Hi, It is H.M.S. Burwell, I have a picture of her in 'The Towns' by Arnold Hague. Niagra's camouflage on the hull is different to that of the Burwell. Regards Arthur
  13. Hi Chris, H Cole's 'Formation Badges of WWII': Sign was adopted in August 1942. Originally designated Madras District, in November 1942, renamed for security reason, 105 L of C Area. On 1st April 1946, it assumed the title Madras Area. Hope this helps. Regards Arthur
  14. Hi Your formation sign is Indian, 105th [Madras] Line of Communication Area. Regards Arthur
  15. Hi, Your formation sign is that of the British 61st Infantry Division. Regards Arthur
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