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  1. Hi team Can I get some expert opinions on this FLL43 marked coastal artillery badge with a repaired catch? Thanks in advance Jason
  2. Do you mean this one Matthew? The matching "south German" style ribbon bar came with it. Bought a loooong time ago from the Evil Rick....and vetted by the Good Rick Cheers Jas
  3. Afternoon gents, I was lucky enough to win this old style ribbon bar in Christian's last auction. This may be a long shot, but is an ID possible given the combination? Seems to me it may have belonged to a "court" type. cheers Jas
  4. Thats a great bar Poulton! Why can't I ever find stuff like this....oh that's right I live in Australia
  5. #3, EK2, Oldenburg FAK, war merit medal, hindenburg cross, red cross medal 2nd class, red cross medal 3rd class, Hungarian war medal for noncombatants
  6. #2, warrior merit medal, Hindenburg cross, war merit medal, 25 yr long service, dswa medal, red cross 3rd class, 25 yr faithful service cross
  7. #8, Warrior Merit Medal, Hindenburg noncom, Centenary medal, 9yr LS medal, South West Africa medal for combatants - 2 battle clasps missing This one has a nice feature (which I cant show as I dont have a scan of the reverse), stitched between the backing plate and the ribbons is a padded edging made from black felt to protect the bottom of the bar and the ribbon furls from rubbing on the tunic.
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