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  1. Hello, I need a bit of help with this two photographs. Best regards. Mihai Zaharencu. thumbnail (1).jfif thumbnail.jfif
  2. Dear all, Can anybody help me with the name of the gentleman. Thank you very much! Mihai Zaharencu.
  3. Thank you guys!.Anyway I didn t buy it.
  4. Dear gents, got this offered to me today. Can you help me ? I d like to know what type of sword is,if original and a estimate price. Thank you very much!
  5. I ll try, these are fotos. The writing is really illisible. I need to highlight some how.
  6. Dear gents! Can you guys please,help me translate the text of the back of this foto(Don cossack I guess)? Thank you very much for any help! Mihai Z.
  7. Thank you guys! I m sorry sir for the mix up! Can the moderators cut of my bit out? Best regards, Mihai
  8. Dear gents! What do you think about this one? Original?Any help appreciated! Thank you in advance! Mihai Z.
  9. Thank you sir for your answer! Sadly it is what it is.I got them cheap , the transport was more costly. Thank you again for your answer! Mihai Z.
  10. Hi there everybody! Can you guys help me identify this two badges.? Thank you very much! Mihai Z.
  11. I guess it is 84, from the picture,it looks like 85. Thank you guys for your answer.
  12. Thank you very much sir for your answer. I tried to cut a close up but the quality is poor. I can see only 85 for silver content.
  13. Dear gents! Can you guys please,help me identify this enameled silver cross? I guess it s missing the eylet. Thank you very much in advance!
  14. Thank you both guys! seller insisted it is russian.
  15. Dear gents! Can anyone help me identify this badge? Maybe a estimating value for it. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I received them like that from the seller. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
  16. Thank you guys for your time and the info. I do appreciate your help.
  17. Dear colleagues! I got recently this Order of the Patriotic War. How can you differentiate the ones awarded during the WW2 from the ones of a later issue. Thank you very much in advance for any help! Mihai Zaharencu.
  18. Dear all! My russian being 0+,I need your help. I got recently a St George Cross 2nd class no. 27594. I was wondering who was the recipient,date when was awarded and maybe the circumstances. I did take a look at the first link and wasn t there. All the other links are in russian. Please if you guys can help.Aparentlly was awarded around 1915. Thank you in advance for any help. Mihai Zaharencu.
  19. Thank you for your answer! Glad I did not overpay! Mihai Zaharencu
  20. Dear all! To the members of this forum,more experienced than me.Can you tell me please how common is this jetton. I know its celebrate 50 yrs from the "Emancipation Reform". Maybe you can give me an estimate price based on condition. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
  21. OK. Thank you for your answer. I didn t think I ll get it now because of the price. Thank you again! Mihai.
  22. I guess in some time it will be mine.I will post better fotos. Thank you guys for your answer. Mihai
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