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  1. Hello, can anybody help me assign these Feldpost (sub)numbers to named units? M 06204 P 4 M 06204 P 6 M 06204 P 18 M 06204 P 30 M 06204 P 34 (see image) M 06204 P 36 I have been able to positively identify M 06204 P 37 as belonging to the tanker 'Brake'. The entry for 06204 in Kannapins Feldpost?bersicht states: 06204 (25.1.1943-31.7.1943) Kriegsmarine-Dienststelle Bordeaux, Schiffsverband, 06204 (24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 17.10.1944 Sonderdienst Marine- Ostasien. The meaning of the letter P is unclear. Probably not Penang, 06204 numbers seem to have been assigned to units in Ja
  2. Hello Gordon, Will the book mention any details on: Ingenieur (Flugzeugbau) Friedrich Weber 01.09.1944 RK KVK mS ? And what is the exact title or ISBN of the book? Thank you. Hans Mcilveen
  3. Hello Monsun, Thank you very much for the identification! Regards, Hans Mcilveen
  4. Hello all, can anybody help me with the name of the German officer on the right next to Dommes? Thank you. Hans Mcilveen
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