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  1. Very nice and thank you for posting these. I always find the red uniforms to be very striking.
  2. Two are interesting, the one with three Iron Cross ribbons and the one below it with two wreaths on it.
  3. Hi Everyone, The second half of Rick's ribbon bar collection is at auction. Below is the link. http://www.benemerenti.de/php/us_vorschau.php There are many bars which have been identified to the owners.
  4. I know nothing about these badges, but they are beautiful. Thanks for posting this.
  5. I just learned that fold3.com has added the UK War Diaries. Below is the description. I thought it may be of interest to members. The UK WWI War Diaries are unit diaries (not personal diaries) via the National Archives of the UK that document operations and movements for British and colonial units serving between 1914 and 1920 in France, Belgium, and Germany, as well as in the Gallipoli/Dardanelles Campaign (in what is now Turkey but was then the Ottoman Empire).
  6. We have had this discussion about "apologizes" a few times on the forums. My opinion about Germany and Japan apologizing and taking responsibility for their actions during WWII is based more on a "feeling" then fact. I just feel that the German nation and people as a whole regret what happen during the 1933-45 period. I feel that Japanese only regrets that they lost the war. Again this is just my opinion.
  7. I don't think words are cheap. Germany has accepted responsibility for what they have done, which I believe is important. Other nations who have committed similar actions refuse to formally apologize and ignore their responsibility. One nation in the Pacific Ocean comes to mind.
  8. Stogie, Check out this link: http://www.masslifesavingawards.com/awards/ If you write to them I bet they can give you more info.
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