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  1. No wish to tread on Megan's toes but this picture shows a little more detail.
  2. There is an article on the 'British Medals Forum' that briefly discusses French made WW1 MC's. Yours could be one of these varieties. A number of Military Crosses were awarded to Allied troops during the First World War.
  3. Unforunately not. As Antonio mentions above, this does appear to be an unofficial medal. The medal is currently listed on eBay.de as article number: 133723850986 (eBay.ie & eBay.co.uk also list the item). Perhaps the seller has more information.
  4. Here is another medal from Ukraine. This has appeared on eBay with the following description: 'UKRANIAN INTERNATIONAL MEDAL WITH DOCUMENT FOR HONORARY SERVICE The badge of national honor - the medal "For the fight against the pandemic" (hereinafter - the medal) - is a non-governmental international award with a special status, established to honor the dedicated work of doctors, health professionals, professionals, employees, volunteers, philanthropists, citizens proved themselves in measures to overcome the corona pandemic'.
  5. The European Paratroopers Association are / were offering this 'unofficial' medal. Medal & Ribbon Description The medal is an antique bronze color metal disc 35 mm in diameter. The obverse depicts a triangle (international symbol of the civil defence) with above a biohazard symbol superimposed with a CBRN Gas Mask, (to symbolize the “war on virus”). At the top of the medal is the inscription: "FOR WAR ON VIRUS" and on the bottom is a piece of barbed wire (to symbolize the front-line in the pandemic fight). Centered on the reverse of the medal within a barbed wire circle, is the EPA logo. Encircling it is the inscription "EUROPEAN PARATROOPERS". The medal is suspended from a purplish red (international color of the airborne forces), blue and orange (international colors of the civil defence) ribbon 37mm wide. The ribbon has a wide center orange stripe, flanked on either side by a thin blue stripe, with a wide purplish red stripe at the edges. Details here: https://www.europeanparatroopers.org/news/focus/748-covid-19-medal.html https://europeanparatroopers.org/news/news/112-2020/775-covid-19-medal.html?fbclid=IwAR1hLc25MYBqRGMcz-P2koQ1CBdZLxxIGxuD502o4C8Jpb7OziEybAXBuxs
  6. Just to add. The ÖASG (Fig.1) Covid-19 medal is authorised for wear on uniforms of the Austrian armed forces, Fire brigades and also on uniforms of the Swedish armed forces. The Covid-19 medal of the ÖLRG (Fig.2) is not authorised for wear on Austrian state uniforms.
  7. Here is a photo of the obverse and reverse of the above medal:
  8. Another medal from Austria. This one is from the 'Österreichische Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft' (ÖLRG) Austrian Life Rescue/Saving Society. Österreichische Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft Bundesverband Österreich Covid-19 Medaille. The triangular ribbon to the medal is 40mm wide. Details (in German) here: https://www.oelrg.com/2020/12/19/österreichische-lebens-rettungs-gesellschaft-bundesverband-österreich-covid-19-medaille/
  9. A Miniature Medal (double sided) is also available.
  10. The medal is issued in one of three styles of 'Ribboning' - Austrian, Bow & 'International'. The medals illustrated here are, I believe, an earlier striking - The Medal eyelet (Öse) is different to the current example above. This award has also been issued with Clasps for other areas of operation - "FLUT 2013" (Flood Assistance 2013) and "RUMÄNIEN" (Romania).
  11. Operational Medal and Certificate of the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Society with Covid-19 Bar/Clasp (Österreichische Albert Schweitzer Gesellschaft - ÖASG Einsatzmedaille mit Covid-19 Spange) Ribbon 40mm. Medal Ø 34mm Name on Cert. Blanked out
  12. Hallo Elvis, Hope you don't mind me contributing to your request for the above. From the examples I have seen, I haven't noticed any makers marks on either the Badge or the Box. My guess is that 'Das Veteranenabzeichen der Bundeswehr' is made by Steinhauer & Lück. There are plenty commercially available on 'ebay.de' but the prices are embarrassingly high considering they probably cost pennies to make (as with the British equivalent). Further info about the Badge here: https://www.bundeswehr.de/de/ueber-die-bundeswehr/die-reserve-der-bundeswehr/reservist-werden-in-der-bundeswehr-/reservist-im-bereich-personal/wer-deutschland-dient-hat-anerkennung-verdient-170356 & here: https://www.wikiwand.com/de/Veteranenabzeichen
  13. Congratulations on finally receiving your Veterans Badge. Hope you wear it with pride.
  14. Thread resurrection - I recently came across this photograph showing a Wehrmacht Officer wearing an ÖSTA Abzeichen. The photo doesn't appear to be re-touched.
  15. I'm intrigued to know why there is a George V 'KINGS MEDAL' (London County Council School Attendance Medal) in this group.
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