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  1. Hallo Elvis, Hope you don't mind me contributing to your request for the above. From the examples I have seen, I haven't noticed any makers marks on either the Badge or the Box. My guess is that 'Das Veteranenabzeichen der Bundeswehr' is made by Steinhauer & Lück. There are plenty commercially available on 'ebay.de' but the prices are embarrassingly high considering they probably cost pennies to make (as with the British equivalent). Further info about the Badge here: https://www.bundeswehr.de/de/ueber-die-bundeswehr/die-reserve-der-bundeswehr/reservist-werden-in-de
  2. Congratulations on finally receiving your Veterans Badge. Hope you wear it with pride.
  3. Thread resurrection - I recently came across this photograph showing a Wehrmacht Officer wearing an ÖSTA Abzeichen. The photo doesn't appear to be re-touched.
  4. I'm intrigued to know why there is a George V 'KINGS MEDAL' (London County Council School Attendance Medal) in this group.
  5. Great stuff. I don't know why but I have a soft spot for the Brunswick War Merit Cross.
  6. Would agree with Alex K. Both look fine. The Cross on the left looks to be a 1939-45 production piece.
  7. Just to add. Bronze and Gold versions of the above are also encountered.
  8. Just expand on Andreas' post. Another reference affectively states that; from 1916 further examples of this medal were produced in gold plated silver (bronze being needed for the war effort) 'Die nachfolgenden Exemplare waren – wohl aus Materialproblemen (ab 1916 durfte kriegsbedingt keine Bronze mehr verwendet werden) – Silbervergoldet (950er Silber) hergestellt'. Werner Heinz und K. P. Christian Spath: Die Rote-Kreuz-Medaille des Großherzogtums Oldenburg unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Verleihungen im Fürstentum Birkenfeld. In: Orden und Ehrenzeichen, 15. Jg., Nr. 85, Jun
  9. Another reference states: 'Die nachfolgenden Exemplare waren – wohl aus Materialproblemen (ab 1916 durfte kriegsbedingt keine Bronze mehr verwendet werden) – Silbervergoldet (950er Silber) hergestellt'.[1]
  10. Hi Andreas, thanks for the reference. For the benefit of myself and others interested in this rare award, could you please briefly say what is not correct with the information above. Many thanks Paul H.
  11. According to the sources I've been looking at, the Oldenburg firm of Knauer delivered only 50 examples of this medal. From this, 18 pieces were awarded between 22nd January 1908 and 22nd October 1918. 16 of which were to women and 2 to men. It would seem the first issues were in silver (950) the rest bronze. For further information see below: https://www.kuenker.de/de/archiv/stueck/84366 https://www.trave-militaria.de/archiv/1035-oldenburg-rot-kreuz-medaille-im-originaletui-nur-18-verleihungen.htm https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/oldenburg-
  12. Didn't know this was a quiz but here we go: All the ships were involved in the Battle of Jutland as '1st Scouting Group'. With the exception of SMS Luetzow (Lützow), the other ships survived the encounter but were scuttled at Scapa Flow and later salvaged.
  13. See link: http://s400910952.websitehome.co.uk/germancolonialuniforms/militaria/navaluniforms.htm
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