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  1. Hi Mertvyn. Thank you for the welcome. This forum appears to be very friendly and I hope to keep returning here. This is a Seaforth Highlanders group that I think is unique to the regiment. What makes it unusual is the single Khartoum bar. But I'm very happy to be proven wrong. Simon
  2. Thanks for that idea guys. I'm going to try the bubble wrap idea first and then for for the plastic wallets as plan B. Simon
  3. Hi Guys, I would like to put my medal collection in storage for a while. That's not a problem for most of the medals because I just put them into individual plastic medal wallets. But I've got this group that is mounted on a pin. Obviously I don't want to take the pin off but I need to secure these so that they don't damage each other. Do you have any ideas how I can pack these safely so that they don't get damaged. Thank you Simon
  4. Are you still wanting info on this 956 Robinson? Simon
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