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  1. Doc, how about naming a price for this group, it helps if members know what you want for it?
  2. Very rare indeed. Here's the link to my original post and comments from Rick. Sorry, my link to the article didn't seem to work. So here's what Rick said. Posted 16 May 2007 · Report post For many many years the "noncombatant" and "war effort" awards were not highly regarded by Imperial collectors. In my own case, I sold almost all of mine when I got into Soviet collecting 13 years ago. @#&%*!!!! NOW, as rolls come out, and we get some idea of the real numbers awarded, no matter how "non exciting" these may SEEM compared to frontline bravery awards, the smaller the state, the muc
  3. If any of my fellow Flight collectors are interested, I have this badge for sale
  4. By the way guys, I have a few more bars for sale and an Observers badge. If anybody's interested drop me a PM here
  5. Ahhh Rick, go on be a devil and have both. You know I'll come to a deal with you on shipping etc
  6. I love the bar, but I have one question please. Have you black lighted the ribbons. To me they look very new and the same for the stitching on the reverse?
  7. All I will say is, that my Great Uncle who lived to 105 and was with the 7th Cameron Highlanders in WWI always kept his medals clean. I am sure that any soldier would do that, so why leave in a state of decay?
  8. Then let it remain like that Chris ... I don't think an Egyptian soldier would clean it anyway
  9. That's true Chris it would be, with nothing to show it's age. Is there any inscription on the rim?
  10. Hmmmm ... I'm in two minds on this one Chris. All my British medals are clean, so I think some gentle cleaning to bring this back to life is needed
  11. The reverse view of mine with a slighly different means of attaching the Barden award. Unfortunately missing the mounting pin.
  12. Very nice original pair Brian. As you say,the Baden Felldienstauszeichnung does come with a bar and here's my pair with the 1870 -1871 bar on it. Not in the best of conditions but, nice all the same.
  13. Mervin, are you saying that on a Bar, the ISM should take prescidence and would be mounted before Gallantry awards and campaign medals? Mike
  14. Two fantastic groups But what strike me is .... Both lovingly cleaned and polished as medals should be. Wait till a collector gets their hands on these in years to come and I bet they'll just let them get dull and dirty in the name of preserving them as they were Cheers, Mike
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