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  1. Thanks for the reply! It is 2.6cm by 0.8cm. I'll add a photo of the back soon, it's blank and just says 'sterling silver' I think (I'll check).
  2. Ah! That's so interesting! Pretty glad I bought it now (was only 50p so I wasn't going to leave it anyway). Thank you for the responses Mike and Hugh.
  3. I picked this ribbon bar up at the weekend, mainly out of curiosity. I didn't recognise the mint green ribbon on the right (with the mentioned in dispatches type leaf) and can't work it out. Does anyone know what it is for? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have a small silver and enamel medal ribbon bar pin brooch but do not know what it relates to...does anyone recognise the ribbon? Thank you!
  5. Hi Spasm, Thanks for your help. I didn't realise that the loss of the service records also meant the loss of records of those killed in WW1...? What a shame. Geertsen
  6. Wow! Thank you very much Owen! The funny thing is, I bought the scroll in a second hand shop just outside Richmond! There must be a high chance that's him and it's spelt incorrectly on the scroll...? Thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi, I acquired this framed Memorial Scroll recently and have been trying to research the serviceman listed on the scroll without any luck. I can't seem to find a reference anywhere. I've checked the National Archives Medal Index Cards, the CWGC and Ancestry; all have returned no results. Am I going wrong somewhere? The scroll is named to Gunner Edmund Richard Darkin, Royal Field Artillery.
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