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  1. Need your opinion for this rar IAB. I miss the notches on the hook and on the hinge
  2. Hello, Ive here a unknown Sabre. marked M. Made by a German fatory in Solingen. Has someone informations about this sabre? How old, costs, what do the letters mean? (Click on image to enlarge!) For fotos have a look here: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=178537 or <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-3c-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <img src=""> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-3e-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-3f-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-3g-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-3h-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a>
  3. Hello, end of 1944 some troops of the Leibstandarte came in our area. Maybe some other SS Troops, too. All came back from the Ardennen offensive. The headquarter was only 500 Meter away in a farmbuilding. After war the troops surrendered here. Still are some veterans living here, which could not back to Eastgermany. I think in the trouble of the last wardays the Golden Party badge was threwn away. Many guns, ammo, some decorations ... were found in the woods round our village.
  4. Hello, I need your opinion. Can this be an original Cufftitle? Does not glove under UV light. (Click on image to enlarge!) or lock here: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=177770 <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-37-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-38-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-39-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a>
  5. Hallo, I found out, that some were made for the Crew. These were made in the USA from the ballast iron of U-Deutschland. But after Amerika was starting war against Germany, these Iron Crosses did not come to Germany. After the war, Kapit?n K?nig brought about 5 of them back to Germany (around 1930). The crew has had 29 members, maybe only 30 of the crosses were made? Does somebody know, is the centre medall at both sides made of real gold?
  6. Hallo, yes here are 2 fotos. Its a "Bodenfund" (groundfind). Not to nice , but an original one. Even one peace with history.
  7. Hello, Ive this "Iron Cross" auf the fraight Submarine DEUTSCHLAND in my collection. It was made for mememorial of the first arrival in Baltimor USA 9. Juli 1918. Has somebody more informations of this Iron Cross? I found out, that maybe only 5 peaces came back to Germany. How many were made and how many do exist? Other informations are wellcome.
  8. Hello, here is an original picture of a German helmettyp worn ich China. Found in an old German Newspaper, Ive forgoten the date. <p> <a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-32-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a>
  9. Hallo Dan, Ive a party badge marked GES.GESCH. and the member number 90370. Any idea who could be the waerer?
  10. Hello, I found a golden partybadge in our wood. backside marked GES.GESCH. and the member nummer 90370. Where can I find out who was the waerer of that badge?
  11. I cant believe it, have a lock at this auction: http://www.militaria321.com/auktionsdetail...ctionID=5218471 Did the Germans really have Ufos, which are flying still round the earth??
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