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  1. Hi, New owner : Leutnant Gerhard Richter. found in Dresdner Nachrichten on 26 August 1918 Christophe
  2. Hi Just found this : Leutnant d. R. Konrad Kayser from IR 105. Received Saxon Merit order knight cross 2nd class with X and HOH3X From Dresdner Nachrichten 7 November 1918 Christophe
  3. Hi Who can help me to decypher this name I read KAiJMA, but not sure Thanks for your help Christophe
  4. Hi everybody I have got this photo from a while and I want to have more information about this unit : Staffel St. 57. On the photo from Left to right - StabsVeterinär Friedrich Göllnitz - Hauptmann Wolfgang von Schweinitz - Rittmeister Albert von Minckwitz - Intendant Dr Heinrich Heyne - Prinz Christian - Leutnant Walter Gebler - Leutnant u. Adj. Wilhelm Jaeger - Rittmeister Heinrich Burkhardt Thanks for your help Christophe
  5. Hi On the original medal in gold, on the edge of the medal, there is a circle-shaped hallmark which proves the gold content. There are no markings on the gilt bronze models. Christophe
  6. Impressive Claudio. You can congratulate your brother for his work. Thanks for sharing it with us. Like you know I am a Saxon collector, does your brother can make a paint of a Saxon general ? Christophe
  7. Hi On t he buttonhole, the pink ribbon is the Saxe Ernestine ribbon? The white color is in reality green. It is just passed. That's all Christophe
  8. Hi Simi, to be honest, each time I see such hook on a ribbon bar, it is a fake. We see the hook from the swords on the Zähringen ribbon. You can see on original ribbon bar that the tailor has create the bar very carefully. Not like here when swords has been added on the bar. Even if the ribbons looks like original. Kay Winkler has such horrible ribbon bars for sale. If they were so marvellous, they should have been sold since very long time, that's my two cents Christophe
  9. Hi, Very nice grouping an story. congrats and thanks for sharing it with us. Is it possible to have a photo of the back of the medal bar please ? Many thanks Christophe
  10. Hi, In my archive, I have found this. It's not easy to see exactly which shoulderboards he wore, but we can see some details. Christophe
  11. Hi, In the Francks, Above the line's book, on page 188, von Richthofen was promoted Oberleutnant on 23 March 1917 and Rittmeister on on 6 April 1917. Christophe
  12. Hi, In page 110 of his last book, Neal O'Connor has shown one pair of shoulderboards and it is said that those belonged to Richthofen. They are now in the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. Christophe
  13. Hi Brandon Welcome on board. I have in my library the following book : Histories of the 251 divisions of the German army which participates in the War 14 18. This book has been published in 1989. this is compiled from records of intelligence section of the General Staff, American expeditionary forces, in France 1919. Christophe
  14. Hi, Here is the article from OMM Nr. 81 December 1997 inwhich orders and medals awarded to GfM von Hindenburg. Christophe .../...
  15. Another one Hauptmann Rudolf Räßler from PB 22 (later Generalmajor during WW2) Christophe
  16. Hi Here is my new photo, one officer of IR 106 with his nice medal bar. For the occasion he wore his Feldbinde, gloves, swords with Portepee and his nice Pickelhaube. Christophe
  17. Hi I remember having an old magazine (OMM) inwhich an author gave all medals von Hindenburg received in his life. I need to search and when I found it I can give you all information Christophe
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