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  1. Greetings all . . . I've published a website here http://britishcavalryregiments.com which might possibly be of interest to some members . . . in particular I value comments or contributions . . Ross
  2. Excellent, thanks Mike . . yes, that's exactly the type of thing I'm after. I need high-resolution photos for publication, obviously, and assuming I can finalise a publishing deal I'll be visiting the UK to photograph artwork in 2016. Many thanks for your interest. Ross
  3. Greetings All. I would very much like to hear from anyone with anecdotal or historical stories or facts relevant to my historical website here: http://britishcavalryregiments.com I'm looking for, in particular, previously unpublished artwork - either here or by direct email (address in the website). Thankyou. Ross (Barnett)
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