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  1. Cool. But I can't see similar buttons (I mean the back of the button).
  2. Then what are they anyway? Very curious bout that. I was lurking eBay and found buttons just like these but silver.
  3. And these buttons are on my uniform. The difference is obvious.
  4. Hi there! I have these 9 buttons. They are 25 mm and are bigger than casual front buttons on Green Service Uniform (I have two coats and buttons on 'em are smaller). And eagle differs a bit. What period are these buttons?
  5. Yes, I thought exactly the same. So I'll put something ordinary (like Infantry) collar insignia.
  6. Very thanx, folks! I'm still learning 'bout US Army & USMC uniforms etc, so I might ask some questions if I wouldn't find info via Google and official regulations. Does this patch means that it's a coat of a Vietnam vet? 'Cause I see two gold stripes, I know it means that owner has been fighting in a foreign land for a 1 year. The button looks like this
  7. And so I have this Service A Green Dress Uniform. And I try to understand where the officer belonged. I see a West Point Academy patch clearly, but what is the red patch with the sword (remind me of some engineer corps)? Please help me to recognize! And this coat doesn't have shoulderboard insignia. In what rank he could be? And what type of collar insignia (except the U.S. letters) should I get to put on this coat to complete the suit?
  8. Thanx for the answer! I'm just curious when this uniform's been done away. 'Cause in the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men" I saw exactly this kind of uniform with such belt. And in MARINE CORPS ORDER P1020.34G W/CH 1-5 which is about MC Uniform Regulations and it's dated 31 Mar 03. The main question - is this uniform still in use?
  9. Yea, my bad. Of course it's USMC coat. But I sure that there are wrong insignia on the collar. I must be GAE. And this coat came from a US citizen, 70 year old man that served in a Marine Corp a long time ago (Vietnam vet if I'm not mistaken).
  10. Hello. I'm a newbie at this forum so excuse my fail. I'm from Ukraine and I'm interested in US Army uniforms. I've got this jacket and I wonder - if this a WWII or post-war (Korea, Vietnam) 1954 Army Green Service Uniform (Shade 44)?
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