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  1. If you cannot post photos, something I have not figured out yet. Please post the exact naming details. Personally, I may well be interested in any to Canadians, as I collect CEF medals.
  2. My personal opinion, Certainly leave it as it currently is. Just preserve it to avoid any further deterioration. It is a very nice piece, you are lucky to have it.
  3. Peter, Where did you get idea this man was awarded the Military Cross? I am not trying to be a smart arse, just I looked in the Canadian Gazette and found nothing, also the Honours and awards search through LAC showed no return, nor do I see mention of a Military Cross on the CVWM site for this man. I found a photo of his headstone and it makes no reference to the Military Cross either.
  4. I have a copy of this book, I have had it for quite sometime. IIRC mine is a paperback. Honestly Cannot recall too much about it at all.
  5. I think we have all been there, hit on the wrong medal then realize it moments later. I will happen again you know. Every medal tells a story of a life lived. I have been quite surprised at some things that have come up. Both are keepers in my mind.
  6. Peter, I find what you say about the 41st Bn CEF most intriguing. I have a self awarded trio to a man of the 41st. The BWM as you well know should be his only entitlement. The trio I have is mounted as worn, and sure seems to have seen a lot of use.
  7. M.F.P. is Military Foot Police. Here is the link to ordering his Medals index card. Other that this, I am unable to help further. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_fn=&_ln=&_no=p10712&_crp=&_ttl=&discoveryCustomSearch=true&_cr1=WO+372&_dt=M&_col=200&_hb=tna
  8. They are certainly collectors, but after reading that post about hacking off the boobs of a female torso, I am starting to wonder just what type of collectors they are. LMAO Actually it was a miltaria collectors group where one of the members was offering for sale, some female torso mannequins he mentioned you could hack off the boobs and use them as male displays. A couple of us had some fun with him and at my suggestion he changed the wording for Hack off to "Remove"
  9. LOL I commented a couple hours ago on a FB post about this same topic. Hacking the boobs off a female torso. (dummy of course)
  10. Mike, I never said the Ghost dates were rare. I said it was a very very nice example of one. If I gave the impression that they were rare, I am sorry, it was no my intent. I do like the additional information you provided as to numbers struck, including clasps and costs. The cost of 21,700 Pounds, that includes the medals and clasps combined? I have only one QSA/KSA pair in my collection, but I have just inked a deal on a single QSA with bar 1901 to the RAMC. Also included is a single BWM to the same man but named to him in the 95-CAN.INF.
  11. I have seen more and more similar photos recently. Based on the "error or mistake" I think these must be Photoshop.
  12. The first piece is a French commemorative medallion. As it stated it commemorates 40th anniversary of the Battle at Dunkirk ( British and commonwealth forces evacuation) and the 35th anniversary of the Liberation of Dunkirk.
  13. TacHel, have allowances been made for you to return your SSM and be issued a new version? I know in regards to my GSM (an early Boyd Bond version), I was given the option to return it and get a newer minted one as a replacement at no charge to me.
  14. Now this is outstanding. So much in a single BWM. I am after a single to the 9th C.M.R. you have a very nice one here.
  15. If no one steps forward, I can help in regards to the following Canadian medals; Gulf and Kuwait Medal, Somalia Medal, Special Service Medal, Canadian General Service Medal (South west Asia) and Canadian Peacekeeping Medal. I am currently out of town and do not have access to them.
  16. UGH, I just had a look at the Toye, Kenning and Spencer site. I found the 14-15 star ribbon and I have to say I do not like it a all. IMO, I would rather leave the Star without a ribbon, then use that stuff. Same goes for the VM ribbon. Never bothered to look at the BWM ribbon.
  17. I was glad this topic was brought back to the top as I had not seen it before. I detest the new weave crappy unwatered modern ribbon. IMO it takes a nice trio and turns into a poor looking trio or pair for that matter. I have very very little original 14-15 star ribbon. In fact I think I have enough for 1 more mount (which I am saving for my DCM MM and Trio I have). There is some nice modern ribbon (OMG did I just call modern ribbon nice) for the BWM and also the VM. I have some of each as well as some crappier VM stuff that I may just bin. There is a place in the UK, a medal mounting
  18. Nice bringing these back together. I have had a few myself. Always a great feeling. I wish you luck in your search for the Star. By chance did you inquire to the seller of the pair?
  19. You are completely correct Bernhard. Also the rank DVR is equivalent to that of Private. The medals should also have their Regimental numbers on them as well.
  20. Very nice to have all the extra paperwork and such to go with the medals. his is one of the hings I look for, the extras. Especially when looking at medals to a Corps. I seems to me anymore, that a lot of collectors do nott even give a second glance to medals maned to a Corps.
  21. It is always a great feeling as a Regimental collector when you can add something great like this.
  22. nothing new about this. I guess these guys took a few lessons from the the Taliban.
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