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  1. Complete list of awards: 1. Pratapa Baskara Decoration 2. Order of the Ojaswi Rajanya 3. King Thribhuvan Order of Democracy 4. Order of Nepal Shripada 5. Order of the Star of Nepal 6. Order of Tri Shakti Patta 7. Order of the Gurkha 8. Guards Long Service Decoration 9. King Birendra Coronation Medal 10. King Mahendra Coronation Medal 11. Special Service Medal / Tempeance Medal, 1970 12. King Birendra Silver Jubilee Medal 13. Special Service Medal, 1998 14. King Gyanendra Coronation Medal 15. SARC Medal of Merit
  2. Dear all, I have recently acquired this set of 15 ribbon bars I am presenting to you. As you can appreciate, the holder received the Pratapa Baskara Decoration, reserved for members of the Royal Family, as well as all the other Royal Orders of Nepal. I have been able to identify most of the pieces but have been unsuccessful finding the two (?) medals and the name, title and military rank of the holder. As an interesting info, the Orders ribbons are a bit larger than the medals ribbons, but the ribbons of the last medals row are smaller than the first medal ribbons row. I hope you w
  3. I can share now with you the pictures of the pieces of my collection: imag sube imagenes subir fotos gratis sube fotos
  4. You're welcome. The budget is not huge now so we can't use the excellent materials we should use. More pictures: The Medals awarded to the Head of the City Guards of Ordino, with all the Years of Service Medals and the Medal for 25 Years of Service in the City of Ordino First type of the Medal for 25 Years of Service in the City of Andorra la Vella in both sides. It was awarded in 2011 to my mother's aunt. I personally modified the design and made the regulation for it to be numbered from now on. Miniature is handmade with a pin and not official. And the Meda
  5. Im attaching here some pictures that I am sure you will appreciate: The 15, 20 and 25 Years of Service Medals of the Interparroquial Comission (City Guards organizative Corps) in their cases with the lapel pin and ribbon bar. The Medals awarded to Mr. Antoni Pujol, Head of the City Guards of Andorra la Vella, with all the Years of Service Medals and the Medal for 25 Years of Service in the City of Andorra la Vella The Medal for 25 Years of Service in the City of Andorra la Vella in both sides (to be numbered now with the current legislation. This is the second type.
  6. My very pleasure to help everybody to understand the complicated (as noone here except myself knows nothing about Medals and they are quite stubborn sometimes) and still growing Andorran Honors System.
  7. The Spink and Son budget included the dyes for the Order and the insignia of 2 grand crosses (with sash and neck ribbon plus a star) and the Medal awarded to José Luis Sampedro. No Collars or Commander crosses were made (although the neck cross of the grand cross is exactly as a commander cross is). The cases of issue are red with the Andorran coat of arms in gold in the center. Miniature, Star, sash badge and Medal of the Order of Charlemagne (drawn by Mathieu Chaine for them to be published). Medal of the Order of Charlemagne, awarded to José Luis Sampedro in 20
  8. Exactly, the Order of Charlemagne is oddly (this is to be modified in a future) included inside the Charlemagne Prizes as the "Charlemagne Prize of Merit". Then, the regulation says: "The award of the Charlemagne Prize of Merit means the iclusion of the awardee in the Order of Charlemagne". Of course a complete nonsense regulation that needs to be modified in order to separate the Order from a different award institution as the Charlemagne prizes are,
  9. French wiki modified. No links to settle this effective year of creation. You can check www.bopa.ad and look forward Orde al Mèrit and you will only find refeerings to the Order of Charlemagne...
  10. Dear Megan, It is thanks to Antonio that I got here hahahaha I have been coworking with him in order to settle the right ribbons and awards. I will contact you to your email, as some years ago told you, your page is wonderful! Regards, Adrià
  11. Dear Megan, I am glad that you have started this topic about my country's Orders and Medals. Many things have been written about them and most of the stuff you can find online is unreal. The current official decorations of the Principality of Andorra are those on Antonio's paper: - Order of Charlemagne (in its 4 classes although only the Medal and the Grand Cross insignia were ever made in 2008). The graphic designer Mathieu Chaine made for me to publish the digital reproduction of the insignia, as I was not allowed to publish the original pictures I could take of it in the Governme
  12. Worth Paris is the new maker of the Orders and Medals of Equatorial Guinea. Here you can check their website: http://www.worth-paris.com/equatorial_guinea.php
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