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  1. Hi Chip, Yep, I checked there before posting here. I am able to do a quid pro quo lookup in any of Ehrenbucher Deutsche Feldartillerie, schwereartillerie, Das Bayernbuch, Die Wurttemberger im Weltkrieg and a swag of others to numerous to list here, including hi-res (1200dpi) scans from the actual pages. Maybe that will get a starter for ten...? Bests Andy
  2. Hi all, Has anyone got a copy of the history for RIR15 that they can do a lookup for me? Here's the details: ‘Das Königlich-Preussische Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 15 1.Band’ Major a.D. Kurt Freiherr von Forstner (Oldenburg 1929) Bests Mac
  3. I still need help; one dude answered me but then contact broke entirely. Not sure why. IT probably. Bests Mac
  4. Hallo! Ist jemand in der Lage zu helfen, zu transkribieren ein WW1 Brief für mich in Schreibmaschinen Deutsch? Ich kann auf Englisch zu übersetzen. Es ist in der alten deutschen Handschrift geschrieben. Ich kann nicht sehr viel zu entziffern. Es wurde von einem Onkel, der im Kampf getötet wurde geschrieben. Wenn Sie helfen können, bitte senden Sie mir eine E-Mail und ich werde ihn zu euch senden. Ich würde in der Regel nicht um Hilfe bitten, mit diesen aber meine üblichen Schreibkraft ist krank mit Krebs. Bester und Dankeschön. Andy Hi! Is someone able to help transcribe a WW1 lett
  5. Hi guys, Thanks for coming back to me! Sorry delay ... Xmas feasting! I have messaged you each. Best regards Mac
  6. Hi all, I am after some photos to illustrate an upcoming publication of mine about WW1. In particular, I am after a decent photo of an MG08, whether on tripod, sled or just barrel on parapet. I am entirely open to a posed period photo, and the probability is that will be all that's available. However, it must be in a trench, it must be in France and it must be in the Somme/Picardy area. So far as dates go, it must be 1915/16. Pickelhaube's or field caps are ideal, but steel helmets are not given the date range referred to. I already have pictures of these weapons in various settings in other
  7. Hi all, This is my third post, wahey! I have long collected German regimental histories to along certain theme lines, but generally pretty eclectic and whatever takes my fancy on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Often I am after just one or two pages in a given volume, sometimes more, sometimes less. The quality can content can be a bit like a box of chocolates. In any case, I have a few outstanding and am hoping that some decent gentleman might be able to assist with some scans of limited page numbers. I am after the following at present: Infanterie Regiment 94 (in 38th Div) Infanterie Regim
  8. Me too, my wife's great uncle was 11/180, reported missing and then killed at Ovillers 1-3 July 1916. Bests Mac
  9. That's a book, not an article. Really depends how deeply you want to go into the subject and -- because it is apparently both sides of the proverbial hill -- you must have knowledge of German language to get at that army's preparatory bombardments and the evolution (or devolution, as it might well turn out to be) of their effectiveness 1914-18. I certainly wouldn't write it from British sources alone; they assume an entirely different doctrinal template from the outset and frequently and falsely frame assessments of the German army against that. Does sound a really interesting article, though.
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