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  1. hi Dan ... do you think I should post a thread regarding this wing on its own ? How rare would this item be it does not sound like there are many around ? Bill
  2. No Tony no one in my family has my grandmother ( his daughter) was in England in the 1970's but she got very sick and had to cut her trip short (she was going to go see his grave on a two day trip to France ) a women out of the blue several years ago sent me a photo of his grave very very nice of her to go out of her way to do that unfortunately my grandmother died before then
  3. Hey I recognize your pylon member name not to many have it have you ever bought war stuff in the Stratford Ontario area?
  4. Looking for photos of kit in use (not from internet I have seen all of them) also looking for images of proper helmet SFOR brassard and kit items (issue ones only)
  5. A photo of my great grandfather Pte Fredrick William Stokes of Goderich Ontario enlisted with the 161st CEF killed in action Sept 27th 1918 Cambrai Road buried at the commonwealth cemetery Sans le Marquion. A short note he wrote to my grandmother that he folded around some cards he sent her Bill
  6. Yes small pack on webbing have his large pack anklets and another p37 belt all blackened . The webbing on the display is all numbered and named to him also have another beret for him as well will see if I have time to get better pics of the jerkin
  7. Medal group to 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles - War and Victory Medals (727780 Pte. A J Moulton 4-C.M.R.) Colonial Auxiliary Force Long Service Medal, George V. ( Pte A.J. Moulton Perth Regt.) Pte Moulton lived on 10 Cherry street in Stratford Ontario and enlisted with the 110th Bn. CEF April 20 1916 and served six years with the 28th battalion Perth Regt. prior to that An excellent long service grouping Bill
  8. BD Jerkin Beret Unit Photo and Kit all to Trooper A W Smart Elgin Regt 4th Canadian armoured Divison ... my collection Bill
  9. Some of my in theatre wartime printings related to the 5th Armoured division/Perth regt Bill
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