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  1. hi folks , would this seem an extra piece on the unmarked holder? sure looks it to me? thank you!!
  2. some really nice HJ tinnies in here , 4 or 5 new ones on me!! pop on this Paderborn tinnie while i am here, as i never seen it!
  3. Jock thanks for the Welcome mate! could you please pm me with a mods name to i see above getting my old non posting account here back? cheers!! Robin , thanks for the opinion, i like your hund! Rosenthal also make a nice one the same! as i figured on the left hand piece , i will get them and photo them better than they are! thanks a lot!
  4. Hello there, this is my first post here at GMIC ! was looking for some opinions on these two, left had side one has the Octagon and 57 just no print. whats the opinions of these pieces from the membership here from the pictures provided? have been told the absence of the print on the one is not to worry about and did happen, and that they are both manufactured at different times so are not a pair. thank you!
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