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  1. Hi, This looks like a nice, genuinely worn Gold grade to me - a nice addition to any collection. Regards Mike
  2. The cross on the right is definitely 2nd Class. You can just make out the ribbon loop. I'm not sure about the medals - ?Baden? Regards Mike
  3. I can't figure out how to reply in the new classifieds section, but the Braunschweig KVK1 imo needs to be discussed; http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/classifieds/item/9-braunnscweig-war-service-cross-1st-class/ Regards Mike
  4. I can only agree with Glenn, a very nice example indeed. Regards Mike
  5. Hi Vic, Sorry, but for me this is a cast repro (as evidenced by the pock-marking, strange raised lumps on the lower reverse and weak maker mark) with incorrect hardware. Imo more likely 1980s. Regards Mike
  6. I have the same hardware on an Imperial Black WB that I am not overly fond of (I put it in my suspect category). I believe the screwdisk and badge belong together though. As such, Micha, I think the black painted screwdsik does not belong on this cross. Regards Mike
  7. Imo a generic "slant W" core used my many makers. Imo the main pin is not by Meybauer. An honest worn cross but imo the maker will remain unknown - unless someone does a serious frame beading study. Regards Mike
  8. Well that's pretty interesting! A maker mark I don't recall hearing about before let alone seeing - thanks for sharing! Is the maker definite or only speculative based on the letters? How does an Austrian maker work in with the Zimmermann relationship though? I can't make out the first letter. Is it definitely a H and could an alternate maker be a Wagner variation? Regards Mike
  9. An exceptionally nice original. Regards, Mike
  10. Yes, definitely a fake - this marking is a fantasy. Regards Mike
  11. I agree. It's the brooch style that's the main indicator of period. Regards Mike
  12. Very nice Chris, from two highly sought after makers, thanks for sharing! Regards Mike
  13. My example is one-piece. It's also only vaulted around the vertical axis (ie, only 2-way vault, not the typical 4-way vault). Nice to know there's more that one of this type! Regards Mike
  14. The frames look like a total mismatch. I'd suggest, without seeing some edge shots, a put-together from original components. Regards Mike
  15. Hi, Based on the not so great pics, I tend to agree. The reverse looks soft and there appears to be a strange feature on the reverse lower starburst arm (as pictured, reverse left if oriented normally). The rivets and hinge/pin don't look right, nor does the glitzy gold finish on the reverse. Better pics may tell a different story though. Regards Mike
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