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  1. The unit is a part of Serbian Ministry of Defence. They consist mostly of high ranking officers, hence the insignia on the badge des not make lot of sense- look more operational (e.g. special forces).The badge is possibly a trial piece by manufacturer "Feros". They have created some very attractive pieces for various government departments- I am sure they used to manufacture all Serbian police and Army badges. As far as I know they don't operate anymore. Be a bit skeptical about this ebay seller though...there's some weird stuff he has for sale.
  2. Yeah, I thought the same...the one with red mouth looks better ,thanks, helpful as always
  3. I need some help with very uncommon subject- I have had in the past original beret badge belonging to member of JSO (Jedinica Za Specijalne Operacije), previous special unit of Serbian Police. I managed to collect all the badges and sleeve insignia from the unit dating back to their roots as part of war in Croatia...as a fool I am I sold it in 2012, which I still regret. I am re-doing the collection and VERY slowly finding original items belonging to the unit. Now, there are few offers around auction sites for the last version of the beret badges but they appear to differ somewhat in the
  4. Niiiice, I've been looking for the document for mine for a while...great find
  5. Well the Christmas Uprising in Montenegro in 1919 was helped by Italy. Most of the rebels fled there after the uprising was crashed. These must be similar to Montenegro Order of Freedom from 1919...only way more collectible
  6. I believe the same seller had the exact same medal listed couple of times before. I never liked it. The details are not very crisp, and the material looks wrong
  7. That is one great collection man..what's the story with the shooter? Is it a period item?
  8. As Paja mentioned in post 21 these were instituted in 1984 and considering that JNA disbanded in 1992 that's 8 years that these badges were awarded- twice a year. That's a very rare badge indeed as far as I can tell, but they are all over the various dealer sites. I would assume that majority of these gold badges were never awarded but were produced and stored somewhere in the IKOM safes. Also, does anyone have a photo of any members of JNA wearing one of these badges? The sheer number of these all over the internet is astounding but I am yet to see one of the being worn. I fully a
  9. Thanks Emanuel, yes, the eagle does look Russian...it doesn't have anything in his talons though- like a scepter or the orb
  10. Gentlemen, does anyone have any clues as to what this badge is? I've had it for years but have no idea what it is...looks like a cast, no marks or anything similar. Judging by the back of the badge it appears it was sewn to something at one stage Your expertise would be appreciated
  11. Gentlemen, what is your opinion on this item...It has been advertised for a while but I am a bit reluctant http://www.ebay.com/itm/231255981347?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  12. I had two in my collection, one artillery, one army and I I sold them off...couldn't be satisfied they were original. I believe at least 80 % of these on eBay are fakes
  13. Wow, I have exactly same patch- Mig 29 Vitezovi...I payed a lot for it few years ago and was always a bit sceptycal about it- first time I see one like it
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