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  1. stupid me. for army and naval personel.......😄😄
  2. Dear gentlemen, i recently found this badge but can't find anything about it online. Any info would be much appreciated.
  3. http://www.mymedals.nl/MyMedals/LongService/1958 Volunteer Medal.html it's in English
  4. I bought this online. any information would be nice. i know its swedish
  5. I have a version where the date is in the medal and not on it. is this a fake or a different maker
  6. not a big photoshopper hope this helps.
  7. Dear Gentlemen, I bought this medal on Ebay. But i can't date it look third republic but it has intricate detail. no makers mark. maybe privatly made?....
  8. Richter means judge in german. The n.o.k. badge is probably a member badge for the dutch Olympic commitee. The horse medals are probably won as equestrian prizes. Some of them are from the royal military sporting association.
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