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  1. 100% original, there is a extensive write up on those pins on this forum. Congratulations
  2. I haven't seen this badge before, but i have been told they exit ! Any idea who and when the II was stamped on the front ?
  3. Hi Emanuel, Can you tell me what you think about this one? I'm hoping it's real. Other comments are more than welcome Here's one not exactly a ck badge but at least it's REAL
  4. I have this one, "text book" example and I'm not sure of anything about it except it came from a reputable source
  5. Hi there, That's a million dollar question, and the short answer is; depending where you got it. To me it looks like it was made do deceive a potential collector but that's just my opinion. We know that there are hundreds of fakes in all different variations and the experts on this subject are tight lipped.
  6. Bog ti pomogo Iv been collecting ck items for the last five years, and could not get this out fast enough so you don't waste your money. 99.9% and i do mean 99.9 of ck items you see for sale unless on a reputable military forum type sight are FAKE,COPIES or REPLICAS. 2nd there are a handful of experts and they don't talk much. A Kama (a ck. Knife) if you find one will certainly run you over $3k. Most important of all to remember that a wise collector who is very knowledgeable in this subject but quiet recently told me "its not what you are buying but who you are buying from". You are go
  7. OUCH no OOOOUCH,, Could be real I guess??? but for 800 of my $$ I would give it this rating From the front I'd give it 4 out of 10 From the back it's a 1 at best. Serbman , thank you for sharing pictures of your badges. I have seen only two others that I know for a fact are real making a total of four. All four are very different and yet have a lot in common when compared to let's say this badge.
  8. Drazo Just wondering why you are taking Pajas coments so personal? What do you have to lose? In every one of Pajas comments he claims not to be an expert on chetnik items, states his opinion and asks what do others think. Whats wrong with that? If you Draza are a true collector as you claim to be you would welcome Pajas and everybodys comments as he to me just wants to find the truth. What sucks for some people is the truth hurts. The way to derive to the truth is by having people comment on what they see and not by personaly attacking the person thats asking questions. Drazo if your feeling
  9. Posts 247,248 I agree there's a huge difference in the quality of the two medals. The silver one is three dimensional while the dark one is two dimensional at best. The last letter E in the word gradjanske the makers ran out of room and had to tilt up. The whole thing is missing fine detail, but the "patina" is kinda impressive.
  10. Hello gents, Some of you have already seen these items, one or more of the red m39 badges might have replaced cloth, please feel free to comment. Serbman, the squiggly lines I'm talking about are to the left of the word "ravna"
  11. I would like to thank Paja and Emanuel for their diligent work and willingness to speak the truth. Man what an eye opener.... I have been collecting rare BMX bicycles for over 30 years dealt with hundreds if not thousands of people, but have never seen before someone selling "KEY CHAINS" as the real thing. Keep up the good work guys I'm sure that I'm not the only one counting on you.
  12. Hi. Here is the one I have. Just wonderng if on the bottom left , bottom of the letter "M" if that is a some kind of signature or a flaw.http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-17891-0-17175100-1420679664.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-17891-0-17175100-1420679664.jpg
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