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  1. Topic is long dead, but I also found such screwplate on my T3 Polar Star no 2705. Also with part of Soviet Medal for Combat Merit (parts of Russian letters: "ЫЕ" clearly visible).
  2. Presently you can see fake Suhe Bator on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201776157447
  3. I just received Officer's Legion of Honour made by Aucoc. Looks exactly same as shown by Bison in posts #28-#30. But I have a question: is it eagle head mark?
  4. My first thought was also that it is a fake, but I didn't want to start fuss without proof. But this copy is trying to be type 2, variant 3, variation 2, isin't it?
  5. Your order is type 2, variant 3, variation 2. Smallest known no of this variation is 45731, biggest 69959. Generally smallest known no of variant 3 is 21211, biggest 79807. Biggest numbers (from range: 77483 - 84243) were remade to type 3. Variant 1 - mintmark МОÐДВОРcutted at top Variant 2 - mintmark МОÐДВОРstamped Variant 3 - mintmark МОÐЕТÐЫЙ ДВОРstamped
  6. It is hard to tell, quality of pictures is rather low. Easiest way to check is to weight it. Gold is one of heaviest metals. Orders with exchanged star will be lighter. Fully original order weights 17.55 g (+-10%). I have MH order with exchanged star and it weights 15.6 g.
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