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  1. Hi Mervyn, Absolutely no marks, sadly. The blade measures 54cm if measured using a cloth tape measure, and 50 cm from hilt to blade tip if measured in a straight line. Tom
  2. Here’s a curious dirk from my collection. It's said to be Turkish, or at least that’s what the description said in the auction where I bought it 20 years ago. The blade is of steel, and has a distinct curve and a slight fuller extending for two-thirds of the length. The hilt seems to be brass, and has a “duck’s head” pommel. Absolutely no decorative marks that I can see. Grateful for any suggestions. My sword book collection is admittedly Western, but has nothing. I posted this in the Turkey section, and had a lot of looks, but no replies. Tom ' alt='' class='ipsI
  3. Maybe he was a medal collector then, and not the recipient. Strange he would have had the Olympics stuff in the same box.
  4. No, none. Maybe he took a few samples as keepsakes once the event was over.
  5. My subject's name was definitely "Willem Rudolf Westra Van Holthe" so I suppose that is not him.
  6. Thanks for both replies. His name may have been wilfred westra van holthe. Tom
  7. Grateful for any help identifying the medallions in this group. They may have belonged to the person who owned a Dutch medal bar, with some other medals he collected. See: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/64849-netherlands-medals-collection-help-needed-also-strange-german-medallions/ Also in the box were this set of what looks like related (to the 1936 Olympics) medallions, and the barred items to the right. Appreciate any comments. Tom, Darwin, Australia
  8. Ah, so he has the fourth medal there because it is foreign? Thanks - I will check out the Order. Sounds prestigious. My thinking so far is that this belonged to the person who has the group at top left, and maybe he collected the others... Is there any way to check out who owned the group to the top left? Tom
  9. Not sure if I am doing something wrong - posted this the other day but it seems to have disappeared. (I am on talewis@bigpond.com if I need to be told to do something better...) Trying to track down what the fourth medal in the Netherlands collection shown is.....I think the first three are: Officer of the Order of Orange Nassau 1892, (military) Long Service Medal (Officers) Mobilisation Cross 1914-1918 ​These are from a box of stuff a friend has, probably from an ancestor. His granddad's surname in the Netherlands was Van Holthe. The rest of the set seems to have some
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