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  1. Hi Greg,

    So true and exactly what I did in my youth and I still have those temptations even now from time to time.
    I've also come to the stage where I am starting to collect smaller items, though not necessarily less expensive.
    In fact, this coming week I am trading my WWII Wireless Set No. 19 Mk. 2 for a group of smaler items; at 65 pounds the radio is too heavy to move and I need the space freed up for other, smaller, military radios.

    Thanks for your comments.

  2. Were do I sign up?

    Ah, policing in the past, how much different than today's demands. While I do not believe it was "easier" in the past however the differences between "then and now", certainly with members of the public and even senior staffers, has changed the complexion of the career, at least here in Ontario.

    It is interesting how many times we see the police officer of the past included as an iconic figure along with the land marks of the City.

    Thanks for continuing with this exceptional blog.



  3. Another very interesting article in your series, Mervyn.

    In our First Aid training I recall being told that if someone is screaming due to injuries suffered in an accident at least you know right off they are still breathing. The second point was that the dummy they used for the course was there missing his head and we were instructed that this was probably one fellow who no long required any Aid and we should try not to trip over the severed head as it was bad form in front of the crowd that would surely be there watching. Our instructor was a sick sort of so-in-so.

    One point that is very important is that when you send anyone to call for help (911 etc.) either on a land line or cell phone you are always to instruct them to return and report to you. Sometimes the person will leave, not call, and just keep walking away.

    A policeman's lot is, at times, an impossible one.



  4. A good point has just been made. My father talked and talked about writing down his war-time experiences in the RCAF but never got around to it. On the other hand it is a shame that I didn't take the time to interview him and record his story myself. There are so many aspects of military and police service that goes beyond the "on duty" events such as the training and interaction with ones fellow officers that is lost with the passing of the person.

    Thank you for taking ths step for recording the events of your service, Mervyn.



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